Chris Cuomo, Taiwan, Barack Obama discussed on Matt Tompkins


The american academy of neurology from now on we're going to uh we're gonna have we're talking about it this morning uh they going to have teeshirt using theme music for chris cuomo when we put them on taiwan have those new theme music is the macgill guerrilla saw everybody loves the majority rule is on i'm sure grizz will love it the moody balloon what is up with battery the venture now howdy it's been a weekend and like no other lots and lots of mega giant news stories over the weekend and some not so big news stories also that are falling crazy and naughty those crazy democrats they hate tax reform and let me just say this i started taking notes over the weekend on president obama's legacy such as it is and with the passage of the tax reform bill the economy taken off like a rocket ship already even without the tax reform bill.

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