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Seventeen I'm not growing old gracefully I wanna have energy loti center dot com the now the latest news weather and traffic newsradio seven forty our range and I heart radio station Ron takes its shot at the U. S. some core you'll soon it's ten o'clock on newsradio seven forty K. T. R. H. traffic and weather together here's Blaine Brooks good news along to ninety issue heading inbound at the six ten west loop earlier action and has been cleared from that location also sixty nine of the East Texas north bond and colleagues were stalled vehicles moved to the shoulder one on the west for toll way west wind at highway six another one on to ninety east about it the coma I'd like bricks on the Gulf coast windows dot com twenty four hour traffic so thunderstorms chances going up for late week Thursday Friday the greatest risk of severe weather comes Friday to us here in Texas and across the Gulf coast this weekend forty three degrees our overnight low partly cloudy quite whether mid week on Wednesday high of seventy storm chances going up starting Thursday seventy seven and peaking on Friday with heavy rain and seventy seven I'm Scott Lori more the weather channel fifty one now to clear skies of the key to your rage top tax defenders twenty four hour weather center K. T. R. H. news time ten oh one our top story the Pentagon confirms more than a dozen missiles wants from Iran it to U. S. bases in Iraq this evening the U. S. came out the department of defense is at twelve at least call plastic myself I'd be fine for the last three days ever since chasm city money was killed we've been hearing from the Iranians they plan to retaliate and they didn't and so was a very clear in saying that the response would be military and against U. S. military targets Iranian TV.

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