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Bridge collapse at florida international university in miami that killed at least six people and injured at least ten others as abc's victor oquendo reports this may have been a tragedy that could have been prevented florida transportation officials say that an engineer call two days before the miami bridge collapsed report cracking at one end of the span at the scene national transportation safety board investigator robert says his agency has not confirmed there were cracks then added crack in a bridge does not necessarily mean that it's unsafe i know the crews were out there inspecting it and they were applying tension to strengthen a member i don't know if that was related to the cracks that they discovered that still too early in the investigation for us to determine fig bridge engineers inc says it found no safety issues chuck sivertsen abc news that voice mail was left on a landline and not heard by a florida department of transportation employee until after the bridge collapse as far as possible criminal charges well miami dade state attorney says those charges are mostly unlikely and this would be very challenging and complex very difficult to fit into a criminal container if you like very confined very restricted and very high bar authorities are now slowly removing the debris looking for more victims according to f i use twitter page school entrances on eighth street remained closed and classes resume on monday the company that designed the pedestrian bridge that collapsed in florida happens to be the same company that helped in the design and construction of the bridge here in boston and has also involved in the design of the new sarah long bridge that's being built between.

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