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Girls love yourself. No doubt of it likes you. You upsetting it now, man, The more we argue in my bedroom, we play games a love to avoid that depression. We've been here before. Fine. I won't give it to you. Are you trying to tell you to try to play cool? Maybe I playing by your rules, Everything look better to interview you always in the mood like in my movie. I'm trying to make Oh, baby, I'm playing later. Rules everything right away. If you just have a love on a regular where you gonna go in the other Mr Helm Never shut going Semi holy thing I need to know is if you love I'm talking slicked back. Take back day seven bodies you give Damn shut in this magic. That was whether you love me. Love me best from we play games of love to avoid that depression before now, I won't be a big way New You can't play me. I play by your rules, Everything interview you always used to make. Rules everything metal interview. Like Kiss. Lips so young man from way back way you know that I don't play treats not safe, but I never run away even when I'm away. Oh, Teal t. There's never much love when you go t I prayed to make it back in one piece. I pray I pray That's why I need a one does not an ISI and my hand one more time. I don't Hae Apophis taking my hold on me. I need no one knows about an ISI. My One more time, but I don't have I was taking a load on. Baby like you stuff. Strength and guidance. All that I'm wishing for my friends. Nobody makes it from my hands. I had the bus up to silence. You know, you gotta stick by me. Soon as you see the text reply me. I don't want to spend time fighting. We got no time. And that's why I need a oneness. Got an ISI and my hand one more time I go. Hi, apart was taken my hold on me. I need no one does got an ISI and my hand one more time for I go high up. I was taking a load on Meteo. Do you want to go? Because if it take it slow, make you control. What? What? What? What?.

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