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Next low motion video girl Liberal Richard. Back soon video talking about it you know and I don't want to buy our make a little slow now. The Day Star. Boogie say talking. No problem going after the show. Put Me at the club we stayed in after DJ stop. This is related. Diane Year. She's GonNa go home and get them Vitamin D. No that's right. I hear his need you to run around that room. Your mortgage Jason over. Jc's Oh into the light like friendly like slap him on the forehead and run around the road. We come back more. She had to step out. See me back those deal with car. You guys black folks. These born out in the next shot show in the wake of the team business things I do saying a big little league every side of the announcement we have Monday. We have announced coming up to events have been announced one today was looted. One course something. I wonder what it is to be. Don't Miss Areas? Short into get back is throwback Thursday to Thursday Bobby Cologne on February. The twenty twenty twenty thirty minutes after the hour..

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