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Hunt to kill her? This is another key fact that was brought up in the book clean by Virginia Smith that have referenced before and podcast, and that is that previously you had, you'd go into your your local barber shop, and you'd have the Barbara tonsils in the front by resurgence in the back. You have your haircut, your buffet shaved, all of that. Take place in the front of the building and go into the back into the yard or what have you. That's where you would receive minor surgeries. That's where you would take a bath and saying later as as civilised begins to spread, that's where you start getting treated for syphilis. That's where you might take your mercury bat. And so the the prevalence of the disease and fear regarding the diseases read leads to regulation. This relate this leads to of course paranoia. And so you see the two separate so easy. The separation of the barber Tuncer in the barber surgeon. It's right because that red and white striped barber pole. East to indicate that there were surgeries down there, right? Anybody's ever wondered why that pull is outside of a haircut every all right. So that's its impact on on on medicine in medical surgeries as well as cottage industries like wigmakers, right? Yes. And people who are selling, you know, snake oils, but there are certain things that you cannot cover up here when it comes to syphilis, and one of the things would be your teeth. Now you could pull your teeth. You could put dentures him, but if he didn't want to do that, you kinda saddled with the ravages of your teeth by syphilis in one of the more. Particular things we see here with the teeth is something that pops up in cases of congenital syphilis, and that's something known as Hutchinson teeth. These are. You know, as with all things, syphilis, the exact symptoms vary. But these is often typified by sharpened looking teeth or peg shaped teeth that kind of have sharpened points on the edges. You can look for for images this online. I think I am. Actually, I did a blog post that I'll linked to on the landing page for this podcast episode that includes the image that Julian hi, but looking at now, but they do have kind of monstrous appearance. He's like sharpened teeth inside of a human mouth, but Julie canine teeth. Yes. Say we start to look at this for a little bit and naturally you, your mind would turn to vampire teeth because that's kind of what this looks like. It looks like he's sort of NAS, Ferrato version of vampire teeth. Yeah. And it's led some commentators to argue that the the, the evolution of the vampire myth in in western civilization may have connections to cases of congenital or hereditary syphilis. The children are born like this, they have this kind. They could have the in addition to these teeth also have a long gated fingers. They may have elongated skull their various other deformities that might be interpreted as monstrous by by somebody taking in the scenario and another connection between vampires and syphilis, arguably takes us to Brahms Stoker himself. The author of the book Dracula and another area where vampires and syphilis seem to converge is in the case of the eighteen ninety seven novel Dracula by Bram Stoker. Now, Brahms Stoker's exact cause of death, and he died in nineteen twelve at remains, you know, somewhat something in the mystery, but some biographers attribute is death to tertiary syphilis and make the further argument that Dracula itself as literary work is is kind of reflecting not only the para. Annoy re regarding syphilis that's present in the culture, but also Stoker's own experience with the illness itself because you look at vampires, we'll get back to and you see something that is at once sexual. In monstrous. He see this, this, this outsider that has come to this case to England and is is spreading this this illness of vampirism this this alien pathogen to to to to to women in the in the in the area. Yes, they are puncturing the women. So can you have to use the metaphor which always comes up sex vampires? Right. In fact, there is, you sent me this link to a class that's offered the classes, the vampire in literature and cinema taught by Thomas love, Loginov it who's a professor of Slavic and comparative literature, and he uses that vampire lore to explore folk..

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