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Nikolai if we have an opportunity to provide an easier route to school an easier route home to school and after school component the question has to be asked why not let's forget about the politics of the past let's forget about the politics of the future and say what makes sense for children in detroit the program estimated cost one point two million dollars for the next five years we founded by both dp and charter schools on with the city of detroit any skillman foundation spilled milk this is dave ross on the cbs news radio network presented by theraworx relief i it's not nearly as important as de nuking north korea but there has been a milk war going on between the us and canada did you hear the president complaining about the tariffs candidate charges on american dairy products as an example two hundred and seventy percent nobody knows it two hundred seventy percent canada's all huffy about our steel tariffs and is charging ten times as much on our milk of course it's thanks to that kind of protection that canadian dairy farmers are thriving while in the us dairy farmers are having to sell off their cows and sometimes dumped millions of gallons of milk into the same pot with the cow manure because that actually lose money by shipping it to market obviously it would help if they could sell more to canada american producers are so efficient that in a free market they could drown canada in american milk which is exactly why canada won't back down we may have farm subsidies but canadians go way beyond farm subsidies they consider their family dairy farms a national treasure and strictly control the milk supply to make sure they succeed a free market is the last thing they want maybe that's why the president was so eager to get out of canada i think he realized he'd have an easier time getting north korea to give up its nukes and getting candidate to.

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