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Maybe isn't too keen on the second Trump impeachment trial. Texas Senator John Cornyn Tweet tweeting this morning that multiple Republican and Democrat sources close to the impeachment trial negotiations. Tell us that Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts is looking to avoid presiding We're such proceedings. Kicks formerly known as the Dixie Chicks they performed in a virtual concert last night. They were raising money to relocate Ah Confederate statue from the Bass Drop County courthouse. Commissioners voted to remove the statues in July. They cost $50,000 to relocate more of these stories right now. A ktrh calm our next news update will be at the bottom of the hour. I live in southeast Houston, Your forecast is at the bottom of the hour on 7 40 ktrh. Okay, wrap your head with duct tape for this one. A bad published in The Washington Post last week. The raise eyebrows With its explanation, but then in air quotes of how it is the president Trump got as much support as he did among Latinos and African Americans. Cristina Beltran is a New York University associate professor riding to understand Trump's support. We must think in terms of multi racial whiteness. Mm. Mm. Pointing out that despite Trump's appeal to white nationalist She knows quite a few Latino or African American faces among the FBI wanted posters of the Capitol Hill rioters. Yes, Trump's voters and his mom, she says. Are disproportionately white. But one of the more unsettling exit poll data points of the 25 election was that a quarter to a third of Latino voters voted to re elect Trump. And while the vast majority of Latinos and an overwhelming majority of African Americans supported the bike, nearest ticket ever crucial do its success. Many black and brown voters have family and friends who fervently back the Maga policy agenda. Etcetera. It's several Jason Whitlock. Who contributes to Fox also is a sports writer and a sportscaster from Kansas City. Is also a conservative. Is tired of race being used to divide us. We have a problem here in America. The elites are running over the working class. We're demonizing a class of people. A 75 million Americans, if not more. We're destroying them. I'm looking at the media. The voices are being trampled upon Nancy Pelosi and all these politicians, Republican or Democrat are acting as if they just went through Pearl Harbor. And they did not. It was on tape. We've seen what happened. Was it the right thing? No, but it was not Pearl Harbor, and we have kids in America. Living with gun violence helicopters overhead gang by this gang culture who are being traumatized every day. And I'm supposed to feel sorry for Nancy Pelosi because People walked into the capital. Yeah, that's overblown. He thinks the whole thing is 7 27. Let's take a look at your money. Corny. Don ho, standing by with a look at how Wall Street's gonna open up this morning. Well, good morning, Jimmy Stock index futures, their higher the key event, We will be watching his Janet Yellen's confirmation hearing for Treasury secretary, the former Federal Reserve boss bidding.

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