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It wasn't until he they witnessed his bodily resurrection that they were transformed from cowards and skeptics to bold proclaiming the gospel. But I believe that the Old Testament is absolutely true. Absolutely. The world word of God every bit inspired, and that there is total consistency. Now as to whether the the mosaic law is still valid. I mean, obviously, the apostle Paul talks about Christians not having to be circumcised. And all that because it's about faith in Jesus Christ. It's not about work. But the Christian view is that it was never about works. And that salvation has nothing to do with works because we can't. Save ourselves. We're all centers. And so you have to you have to put aside your pride and put all your trust or faith in Jesus to bridge that gap between sinfulness and God's perfect simlisafe's. So this is one of the descriptions I had heard between Judaism. And Christianity Judaism is much more acts based whereas Christianity is much more faith-based. So one might say, okay. If you're if you're a Christian your son people say why is why is in Christ? There's liberty people say, you know, get rid of your change or Christian. And then other people say, no because you Christians are skulls you have to live to a higher standard. Well. In fact, here's the difference. Christians believe that we we do not have to follow the law as a matter of fouling them in terms of some strict requirement. But when you're under the law of Christ the law crisis it really a law. It's a matter of love and Abedian and you even hold yourself to a higher standard, supposedly. We believe that you can't hold yourself too. I mean that you can't fulfill the ten commandments on your own strengths. It's impossible for any simple human being enroll centers to live up to that standard. God can't allow sin and his presence. So there's got to be way to cancel out that sin, and that's that's Jesus. But but we don't believe that. I don't believe that all these laws have been radically the mosaic law, in fact, all of them are still enforced. They're still God's perfect laws. We still live by those precepts. There's a debate about whether we follow the Sabbath and all that. And that hasn't been reaffirmed some people believe somebody don't. But basically, those those were gods laws. They're perfect laws that the Christian view is they couldn't deliver salvation they were to demonstrate to people there inadequacies. So the law was given to show people how they couldn't live simlisafe's lives and their and that would draw them to Christ. It's more complex than that. So in this view Christianity is it better to be. A centre with faith or a state without? So your person who fulfills as many, you're you're a good person. You fulfil all ten commandments better than most people. But you don't believe in Jesus. What what what does that mean in the Christian faith? We Christian faith is that salvation is only through Jesus. Now, when you say better, I think there's a lot better acting people that aren't Christians lot of non-christians or better acting than I am. So I'm not not making that. And I don't I don't like this judgmental stuff that that some Christians haven't one of the things that turn me off originally skulled aspect, but the theory is that when you accept Christ, and your converted you're justified and that upon that moment, you're you're freed from the penalty of sin. So for salvation purposes when God looks at you. He doesn't see you. He sees crisis sin listeners. He can't see Spurgeon one of the great British pastors wrote about this got. I can't help. But when he looks upon you, and you've accepted Christ, all he can see his son, that's for salvation purposes. But also something happens when you accept Christ. And that is your also freed from the powers, and meaning the Holy Spirit begins to dwell you and empowers you to combat sin on a daily basis doesn't mean that you'll ever overcome San as a practical matter, but you will become holier you'll become more Christ like more sanctified, the more you avail yourself of the Holy Spirit. And so you will become a better person in that sense in an active sense, but you'll never be sin free. This this side of attorney..

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