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50 earlier this week in the loss to Clemson. Totally different game tonight. Carolina 12 and six Duke seven and seven and looking like it's going to be the first Blue Devils team not to make the N C. A a tournament since 1995 as we go back to Ryan, Red Key and Jon Crispin. All right, Jason, thanks very much with lost Duke, now seven and seven Overall, five and five in the conference, North Carolina 12 and six overall, seven and four in the A. C. C and Jonah was one of those games where it felt like Carolina was doing everything they could to give it away down the stretch, but they hang on. They survive on the road and get the rivalry victory. And that kind of went both ways. You think about some of the fouling at the wrong time. Matthew hurt going out of the game, Duke with poor turnovers that gave Carolina opportunities But Carolina down the stretch, did everything they could do to keep Duke. It. Terms of bad defense. Early transition opportunities for Duke. But down the stretch, you made big free throws. I think that was the biggest thing. Caleb Love made big shots, leaky black hit big jump shots, and it's not typically, what they get is Jason mentioned. They're not a good three point shooting team. But when you look at the numbers, it was remarkable 66 plus percent from the three point line. For Carolina for five for Caleb Love 44 for Walton. I think that's the biggest game changer. And that's ultimately what one than this game 10 of 15 from three for a team that is shot just barely over 3% as a club. For the entire year. Carolina had six players in double figures led by Caleb Love with the 25 points in the ballgame. Armando Baked Cod had 16 Garrison Brooks and leaky black with 12 apiece. Throw Kerwin Walton and there as well with his 12 points. Carolina ends the game shooting better than 53% from the floor, Duke and almost 54%. From the floor. They had five players in double figures, led by Jeremy Roach. With 16 You mentioned the Matthew Hurt just was seven, his lowest scoring output of the season. And if your Duke here's Matthew hurt, it was been in this rivalry game. He's the quote unquote veteran is a sophomore. He has a tough game and we mention the frustration for wind. Elmore, who had a chance to make a play down the stretch and couldn't do it. There are positives and negatives to be taken from this game. You're able to do a lot without Matthew hurt. You got good production in terms of execution from Jordan gold wire. And Wendell more down the stretch. They didn't make the plays to win the game. But also Carolina beat you doing something that you were allowing them to do they corrupt. They crowd the paint. They really brought defense hard on the post players, and they allowed a lot of open jump shots now. Those are open jump shots that Carolina typically doesn't hit is, you know, 30, plus percent from three. You're willing to give them that and say, Go ahead and beat us doing something that you typically don't but we're not gonna allow you to beat us into paint. And that for Duke was what they did well, and I think a lot of that is the game plan that their coach K came in with for Carolina, by the way, just their third road victory of the season out three and five away from Chapel Hill. All right, let's select our Geico player of the game. This is a no brainer and I don't want to say he played a perfect game, but you can't ignore the production. 25 points for for Caleb Love 1916. Four or five from the three. I think he was just a game changer in showing his ability to be able to make plays you You need a guy around the perimeter, who can break you down, but also hit tough jump shots working a ball screen situation. You're not that good If you all you do is go high low because defense is noted how to defend that. But what you can't defend is a playmaker like Caleb Love. He's gonna hit big shots down the stretch, and he did just that. He's the player of the game sponsored by Geico. Whether you rent or own Geico makes it easy to bundle home and auto insurance. Having the homos hard work, so get a quote at Geico dot com. Easy, and if Caleb Love can just bring those turnovers down, he's got more turnovers than assist on the season over his decision making. It's really about decision making. Don't put yourself in a bad situation because a bad situation will lead to a bad outcome, and he did it far too often tonight. Yeah, he gets playing well, you got those big guys inside. You can see where Carolina says, say there's room for growth as we come down the stretch for Duke. Now they lose against seven and seven overall, five and five in the conference. Some people have made this out to be a make or break for the Blue Devils coming in. Where do you see Michler chefs? He's club. I think the make or break was the Miami game You had to feel even if only subconsciously that you had to win that game to even be in the conversation for an NC a tournament, it was assumed that you would just win that game and then you come here and this could be a great win. But that's not the case. Duke is really struggling to find themselves and I think it's even harder because you have a young team with extremely high expectations. You don't come here to Duke. Did not make the NC 20 that Z. Not even something you consider. It's how great can we be? This is a team that needs to find out how to be good before it's ever ever great Before we go, a reminder that tonight's broadcast of N C. A a basketball on Westwood Waters intended solely for the private, non commercial use of our audience, and he reproduction retransmission or other use of this broadcast without the express written consent of Clearfield AMG College in Westwood, one. Is strictly prohibited. So Duke has some things to figure out for Carolina. Look, we talked about all the things that went wrong and maybe try to give it away. They survive and win. But after that game at Clemson on Tuesday, which was their worst of the year to come on the road and beat your rival, that's that's a nice pick me up for them. Yeah, I mean, look, they have Miami next, which is a game. It's hard to say Miami's kind of been hit or miss. Sometimes they're really tough. Hard to figure out. They attack you off the bounce. And then there's Virginia. You've got Virginia Tech in Louisville, who's playing at a high level? So Carolina found a little something in Caleb Love and Kerwin Walton at the right time. Now you have a little bit more balance where teams can't come in and just say we're gonna take you out of the post and win the basketball game..

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