25 members of Congress visit children's detention centers in Texas


Of the trump administration's immigration policy are fasting in the border town mcallen texas home to one of the detention camps were immigrant children want to be reunited with parents channing in english means yes it can be done joining the effort kerry kennedy daughter of robert kennedy's plays where people are fleeing persecution have the right to asylum are coming over our border their their children are being ripped away from raking and trump reversing his policy of separating immigrant children from adults who allegedly illegally crossed the border outside the port isabel detention center in los fresno's texas immigration attorney sarah dill was asked to the detainees there how many are criminals none of them not one person in the last two days have been convicted of a crime what's to become a german rescue ship with over two hundred migrants aboard is raising tensions between malta and italy malta's home affairs minister and italy's transport minister have sparred in a twitter battle over which country is being more inhuman because each wants the other to take in the migrants not sitting well with people who believe the shore belongs to all a new florida state law that takes effect next month in walton county sheriff's deputies we'll have to start arresting people who put their beach blankets down in front of private homes and refused to leave this is abc news when posting

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