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Can't get mad at a male and a door. Because of the way that i like east villa may still has to Is to feel what i'm saying. So it's like how like types of i wanna go. Gee i'm so ready to get off the air to grow. We got to wrap it up. So good shot yourself. Tell me song website facebook's all the okay so look promote yourself promote your ceelo. Good good represent the broncos less work kilo in skittles because it's not spelled skittles. Expelled funny drug dealers. No hey how you doing k. As in kite. I as in igloo l. As leo as in pos as an alpha kazin in kilo as an alpha s. As in sam is an igloo that that was very tall. L. as in larry apostrophe as an apostrophe z. zebra less work elliott says w. o. r. k. Less precise self service with optimistic resources knowledge go follow me at. Www dot m. k. t. dot com banks lousy lows. Wait where's your music. Everywhere i'll less worse can get it from the website. Www day that you hoarded you crazy. See against music. Know the home on there you can get it and i told you you ain't listening. Dad's day ma. How are you. I'm still giving you a hard time about it. And i'm giving you are going to continue to back and forth about this hard time. Saddam on team teams. I'll praise the most high Shutouts all the queen's is ladies night shut out to everybody behind the scenes shutouts everybody and twenty twenty those that we lost. You know the of those that you know like george floyd Sacrificed in we've learned. We've been educated so shout out to everybody and especially the queen's that's it s you got You can find me on. I g snap and facebook. I did that thing where you consolidate and choose one name. So as all is Lola tour l. o. L. o. l. a. t. u. r. e. Except for facebook is latorre elizabeth. So and she and community yeah. There's no social media for social media camp. Yes yeah i am. I hold down The black leadership action coalition black With our a group has aimed to bring the community together To do the things that we talked about as far as the village mentality So we've got some events coming up for that And life is a lot like hilo says just like twenty twenty has been a time of Testing your resilience. I feel like. I been warned for a long time that we were coming into the season. And in order to get to that somebody you have to struggle. You have to know what it is. You have to know what the lowest is so that you can understand. Once you do receive How grateful you can be in how you know what i mean elevated you can try the holiday season yes speaking. And that's what we are aware. We're definitely in the season and we're coming into a greater one I have to go down before you can come back through i lost. I lost this I lost this year a lot. More than i ever thought i would in my life. Yes my family. i don't. let's get rid of the elephant in the that part i ain't you're i'm so sorry i just i don't even know. I got nowhere. The elephant in the room. Because i just don't even know what to say. would you still have done this without the adversity. You face meaning the losses that you have honestly probably not And i said in the beginning of the interview. There was a feeling right. Does i never felt like this before that. I old everybody more of myself That i had a responsibility that fell on my shoulders. That only i could do. And it was a great feeling but at the same time his crushing. Because it's a gift and a curse to feel that was you had to lose you and you and your family has been and it has a What we're talking about is a lot. My nephew was tony robinson I lost twenty fifteen and then in this year. September four. I lost my niece. His youngest sister. She was living with me. And you know it was probably the greatest loss i've ever experienced in my life and i always say what's on navy who's fifteen That was my baby and saul is just But the most high will your job. You know if you store your you know what i mean you lose what you think. Is everything in order to gain the world and i know that i'm my family that our people were really coming into this season. And say it all the time like i may baby girl promises right lie. Promises were made in promises have to be no matter how bad it hurts no matter how the think you really are into that whole. If you've made promises they must be cut and and and there's a reward behind it I'm a big person manifestation. I'm a big person that we manifest the things that we want love and hope for and whether it be good or bad that's up to you. That's the beauty of. Yeah because what because you know we can't. It's a world can have a lot of people so with with death comes birth you and like that's why i should a question because acid in a way because i wanted to decipher if this was already in. And she's been heightened this your level of purpose in motivation of life. Because you know think about if you look at it most of the rappers. Most of the people that are in this heightened has been do something not giving a full plate that we so understand that the process of what we go through going back to walk. We all have to. This was your birth bizarre lucky. When i was nineteen i i had cancer and i was diagnosed. Five day sentence that i wouldn't make passes and that was kind of like my. I guess my first spiritual experience. But it's also your first understanding that you know when i was told i was gonna die. The first thing i said was i wanna live. I don't wanna die. It's not i don't accept this. I don't and so when you when you choose in you. Do you make the choice. You can choose to accept the things that have been given to you.

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