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And white. Think red. And that means it's time for Dave Johnson. Look at all over the place for a band to strike up because Marilyn football is fun. Running the show at quarterback. Wow, it's something else. Win over Michigan state had his tenth career 300 yard passing game that ties Scott and a lot of it for most in program history, got to love this offense, but there's more as they Preston tells us. One reason behind the chirp's four in one start is a defense that's dominated second abs holding foes to 34 points over 5 games. Big test this week with produced one two combo of Aidan O'Connell and Charlie Jones is averaging 9 catches and 117 yards receiving per game. I think Marilyn's up to the challenge. It's a 12 Newman tip off kick-off college park. That would be news. It would be news Purdue and a Maryland and nothing like a breakfast tailgate little bacon and eggs and trying to go 5 in one first time since 2013. In overtime and why do they have to go to overtime? Cold beat the Broncos 12 to 9, neither team scored a touchdown. Now about the commanders, rob, what forker that he see sports huddle. There's three things that we were sold on. It was how good Ron Rivera is and he could take the reins of this and bring it to prominence. They had the roster in place to be a contender. And how the ownership wasn't going to undermine that. Well, all three of those things have been proven wrong here over the course of the last several weeks. And the whole conversation podcast AC app Apple, wherever you get your podcasts. Hey, look, unless you're driving, look over there. Isn't that march in gortat working out with the wizards? It's

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