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Station from ABC news. I'm Dave Packer. Vanu ultimatum from the president on the border wall mural shut down the entire southern border with Mexico. The president today tweeting he is quote waiting for the Democrats to come on over and make a deal on border security to the White House and ABC's tariff L, Mary incoming speaker Nancy Pelosi saying the houses, I vote as the majority on January third will be to reopen the government, but the Bill won't include funding for border wall. The presence Sheva SAF, Mick Mulvaney, explaining how last week's negotiations went awry, we made an offer last Saturday night. They told us to get back to us by the end of the week, but economic analysts say that closing off the border could result in billions of dollars in damage to the US economy, depending on the duration president using the case of it alleged cop killer in California to make the case for a border wall that officer killed at a traffic. Stop status laws county sheriff Adam Christians and says a Mexican man in the US illegally killed the offer. ABC's? Melanie, Woodrow reports suspect Gustavo Perez REI surrendered without incident. Friday sheriff christianson appeared at an anti sanctuary city roundtable alongside President Trump. He wouldn't speak about the president. I'm not here to talk about the president of the United States. But I'll I will repeat what I said before border security goes hand in hand with national security goes hand in hand with public safety goes hand in hand with the safety of our community law enforcement officials found Oryonggye near Bakersfield seven other people were also arrested for helping evade authorities and Missouri. Authorities questioning a suspect after a deadly shooting at a home in Saint Charles city this morning three people found dead the fourth clinging to life that person later died at the hospital. Lieutenant Tom Wilkerson of the Saint Charles police department. The suspect fled on foot from his vehicle from the scene while officers were returning fire. That suspect was caught over seven hours later attic convenience store. You're listening to ABC news. News Radio six ten WTVN..

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