Johnny Depp is apparently broke


Table all right we're talking television with what he is the co host bill and wendy on wgn radio very successful program from what i read johnny depp is in the news wendy now i know this is a tv segment and you say you can't use johnny depp not segment twenty one jump street we haven't done a richard greco story in about twelve years so when i tell you i had such a tough time deciding who was hotter johnny depp or richard griego i ultimately went with i think i kind of fluctuated but i think i think johnny depp hasta 'cause where's richard greek oh now that's a good question roman wrestling is that what he's doing greco slava johnny depp is in the news because he says wendy that his six hundred and fifty million dollar fortune is almost all gone he has spent all of his money six hundred fifty million dollars as he mentioned why he looked so she could yeah and emaciated that's a good word i just saw a picture of him that was taken over the weekend any looks good again i don't know what happened he just had he's very moody in in terms of his look days he'll look movie star handsome and other days he looks like the comic strip henry does he yes he does rolling stone just did an article on the trouble with johnny depp it came out a day ago by stephen rodrick multimillion dollar lawsuits a haze of booze and hash a marriage gone very wrong and a lifestyle he can't afford that's what it is but even like all right so somebody gives you six hundred and fifty million dollars could you spend it in a couple of years i don't know how you could do that totally possible and you know he's still working yeah so it's jellies work that's where it ended and he's got his hollywood vampires with alice cooper and joe perry must make money from that we'll just residuals alone he's has johnny depp ben and twenty five movies would you say yeah you ever take a couple of days but he's the star of twenty five movies or one of the stars at twenty five movies the residual checks alone you could live very very comfortably on even if you didn't work another day ever just those checks alone you see my major league checks brigham in some four dollars and ninety cents that's more than i expected a lot of money found money i didn't know that money was coming i could do whatever i want with it well he's in this lawsuit with his former management groups so that's where he's losing all his money in lawsuits just spending it frivolously on hair products right and makeup he needs to hire somebody who understands money management like mc hammer who consider him down and say here's how you spend the money did you know he and tom petty were really close friends tom petty and johnny depp.

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