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Yeah but i mean everybody at. Yeah but that that's kind of it's kind of an optional situation. You get full of underage kids who try to in a sneak in with a phony id. Now you're gonna have adults who all they wanna do is eat dinner. That's all they just wanna have lunch. They wanna eat dinner. And you're gonna have to fight them and their family and their friend every day every table morning tonight like you said earlier in the show. We're all worn out by this geno. It's accedes arguing Timmy gay got another one. I just heard on your promo. What does that tell women. The silent treatment is not that much of a downer. I i agree. I never understood it. And then i never want to put into a promo because a lot of people hate that but we do it anyway around him but yeah never misogynous. I never understood the silent treatment. I like when i argue with my wife for two or three days should be really quiet. Michael hi this is kinda cool. Kinda nice he'll do this more often. Knock one out i tonight. We have vaccination talk tell us about loretta. Sweat didn't you didn't you wouldn't skimmer limousine ride. Did yeah there. Yeah right and She said stay right here extra. I'd rather hear that for four point. All right here's a question for you. since The audience doesn't get to ask you questions but i do. Joe biden and kamala harris. We're supposed to come out here to campaign for the governor right for them with his whole afghanistan thing. Bloat breaking up. Will they come out and his he now a detriment to it i. He's not a positive. Oh i think he may come out. But he's a detriment. I don't think he'll come out. I don't think i can write unless something big happens the next week or so. They're probably right he's probably won't and but They hate to back down from that stuff though. I know you know she's going to vietnam. Did you see that her next trip. The vietnam why are we bombing. Nobody is odd. Did i mean we see the same thing from saigon fifty years ago and right see it again and the first thing she does go to. It's more preplanned trip. I get that right now. They both should be out of the coach. You call your travel agent. Go listen with this thing at couple split breaking up let's not go to bed at symbolism. That's right that's right. Oh dang dog. it's john and ken. Kfi hd two los angeles orange county live everywhere on the iheartradio app..

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