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Resigned after being caught on camera handcuffing a pregnant woman at gunpoint during a traffic stop. Ebony Washington pulled over for speeding, but she didn't stop right away. She said she was scared of stopping in the dark and wanted a well lit area. I was so nervous so scared. I made the gun part. It was just extreme for me. In the video, Bradford county sheriff's deputy Jason de Sue telling her. He make any movement. That'll be your last mistake of your own make. Sheriff Gordon Smith, she explains to him, you know, she flashing lights to get to a lit area. Okay, well, that's what I want my wife to do. That's why I want my daughter to do is what would I want my neighbor to do? If you feel unsafe. The sheriff says after looking at the video, the deputy's actions were not appropriate. No comment from deputy to sue. Some romaine lettuce might be tainted by E. coli bacteria, federal health officials suspect more than 40 people got sick across the Midwest because of contaminated Wendy's sandwiches. It's under investigation. It can happen where vegetables grow, says James Rogers of consumer reports. And do their business over these fields and contaminate it. Animals running through the field that may have these E. coli strains that will contaminate the fresh fruits and veggies. When these has pulled its sandwich lettuce flood watches in parts of Arizona, New Mexico and South Texas because of a storm getting stronger in the Gulf of Mexico inches of rain possible. They recounted all the ballots by hand and 9 Kansas counties from the August 2nd election. That's when voters soundly rejected, removing abortion rights from these state constitution. 8 of the 9 counties found fewer than 35 changed votes. Officials blame human error, voters messing up ballots, as Cedric county spokeswoman says they need to check some more things out before they finish up their hand recount. You're listening to ABC News. Attentional business from the wi OD 24 hour traffic center. Miami dade county currently dealing with under speed traffic in and around hard rock stadium due to the dolphins preseason game. I'm also looking at that earlier accident still blocking three right lanes on the approach to I 95. If you're traveling eastbound on 5 95 I'm Zach wagon, use

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