1st confirmed death after Ethiopia rally blast


Live from npr news washington on trial snyder there's been an explosion in ethiopia the blast happened at a huge rally in support of the new prime minister the bbc's emmanuel gonzo was at the rally what we know so far is that a small grenade explosion did happen right after the prime minister had finished he speech then quickly whistle way by security what i saw was a cloud of smoke and then there was a stampede as people try to scupper for safety people who were speaking to say that what here to show solidarity because of his reforms that he's brought in just two months officials now believe the blast was caused by a grenade the associated press is quoting the rallies organizer as saying three suspects two men and a woman have been arrested as the trump administration remains under fire over at zero tolerance and migration policy a federal judge in san diego will consider a proposal monday to reunite more than two thousand children separated from parents who were detained for entering the us illegally julie small with member station k q e d reports us district judge daynuss abroad has asked for briefs on how to bring parents and children together again now that the president has issued an executive order ending the separation of families at the southern border attorney league alarmed with the american civil liberties union says the president's order doesn't address these families who are suffering daily we are hearing from parents and people on the ground every single day and i am talking to parents who are telling us their kids are having traumatic experiences that even kids who have been reunited are now asking whether men are gonna come and take them away again the aclu wants the government to return all the children to their parents within thirty days and a broader injunction against family separations going forward for npr news i'm julie small in san francisco civil liberties advocates applauding the us supreme court calling a ruling yesterday a groundbreaking victory for privacy rights in the digital age the court ruled friday that police must obtain a search warrant in order to get cell phone location information from service providers as npr's nina totenberg reports writing for the five justice court majority chief justice john roberts said that cell phone location information is the perfect tool for government surveillance analogous to an electronic monitoring bracelet from here on in he said police will have to get a search warrant to gain access to that information roberts stressed that the decision is narrow that it doesn't apply to investigators requests for traditional bank.

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