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So the point I want to make and what I'm proposing. Is we have to embrace freedom. With all of its flaws, with all of its downsides and consequences. And that is let people decide for themselves. We're at that juncture, my friends. It is simple. What the approach needs to be. Now. I'm curious. If you think that this is a bad idea, do you think we should continue to browbeat people and penalize that? Do you have a better idea? I would love to hear it. What do you agree with me that if people don't want to get vaccinated, that's their choice. And they must now live with the consequences and the potential. Um, bad outcome of death. 806 100 Cocoa 806 105 646 at Carl Tamayo, How would you handle this juncture that we're at with Covid 19? But coming up we also have some stuff is pretty Looney. And that is this poll that suggests that a pretty good number of people out there who haven't gotten vaccinated yet actually believe there are microchips in the vaccine that's coming up on the divine report. I just got to. I got to dispel some of the just nonsense. It's out there. First Traffic crash on the eastbound side of highway 52 down around mass Boulevard and traffic advisory. Now because of it, it was a motorcycle accident blocking the fast lane. Traffic is backed up all the way before Santo Road. Now an accident at Santo just East of that looks like it's moving over the right shoulder. The South and 15 stays heavy. Now is Japan 52 connector down towards crash at Balboa on the north bound side. But everybody looking over the senator fight to see that accident slowing up and a lot of people just sticking with the South and 15 instead of getting on that 52 because it's just not moving yet. The more cycle accident is clearing and north on I five that's hit with an accident. An earlier accident around Loma Santa Fe. Traffic is backed up through Delmar. This report sponsored by Cal hope dot org and the Department of Health Care Services. I'm Kevin Dean Co. Goes next real time Traffic update. 3 55 As life returns to normal, Our worries have not disappeared, but evolved. Cal Hope offers free covid 19 emotional support. Call 18333174673 or live chat at Cal hope dot org today. Hey, You know how much I love watching Newsmax. I'll be on tomorrow during the one o'clock hour Doing analysis of California politics on Newsmax Tune in But we also have Sean.

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