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To know watched shy of the so it's so joys one he is fans calling and mike from quincy it says he loves george's bakery mike welcome to the show hey how you doing good gonna sell overjoyed joined by telling l yeah well when i was a kid soon we used to right up by some germantown quincy center you have to go them on purely all great filled in the youth get and then he giving but i'm not so it's huge room and not an he brother so much hillary will read his you know what and by the way no one is more philanthropic been them on teleos what they've done over the years so wonderful people and and i and i gotta tell you as a kid now my my mother who is no longer with us but that that was always the big treat all chooses pastries from on teleos bakery you know that i was the youngest a seven kids so i think they'll my i gotta shop in my elbows to get in there before everybody eight and all but it was always quiet not i still women quincy bite yeah we don't and we're only assume agreed big big some rest when she that the hard with it it's a it's wonder the world not now you know why the joy just got a place in quincy still he's going to brain treat those are the two shop try judge yeah and we have won ram if you're in all call me in square but i just want to tell you that with on the if you treat.

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