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Was the song that ends the film flashing lights i knew exactly knew exactly as soon as i heard went that's the last song in the film and the shot that we shot it's thirteen seconds from the beginning of the song to the downbeat and i time that last shot to end exactly at thirteen seconds so that the credit would come up like a new exactly and what i wanted to do with that so as a result of of what david provided for me there's there's less score there's less original score than we would have typically just because he found so much material that i felt was real that worked really well and david you know david just wants to move it a war he doesn't he is now have this thing of like wall you know i understand why there are more things that you're having me do he feels like it's all of a piece which is why actually the credit on the movie says music david holmes has opposed a music by david alial can't yeah because i felt like will music buys kind of misleading but music is not because david sort of found all of the music entities so it's all within his purview but for whatever reason i felt that distinction was was worth making was was john denver baked into the the screenplay ready now yeah i mean the the the the performance at the pageant was was written into the script what we ended up doing was.

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