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Yes. It's me Ron Burgundy. Thank you for joining me for another episode of the Ron Burgundy Podcast Carolina. Here I am right and right next here. I've been here for like five minutes. Our view not even noticed me. What's going on? I pulled my neck. I put my neck out so I can only look forward literally and spiritually. I am only looking forward from now on and I'm not going to move until the muscle. Relaxant has kicked in and the pain has completely gone away. So you're going to have to tell me your facial expressions so I know how you're feeling do you. Do you understand or are you nodding right now? What kind of muscle relaxant you take? You know it's a little bottle of muscle relaxants that had for a while. The name is is actually rubbed off from the bottle. My mom passed the bottle down to me years ago when I was a little boy and she said take this. If your neck hurts I also have a bottle of aged codeine syrup? It's about seven years old. Do you want some. It's in that the Brown bag in my purse. You know what I mean. L. Take some weights were kind of muscle relaxing. Do you take. It doesn't have a full name on it it's only has one syllable. It's it's God. It's a Finnish name. Me was a drug that was banned from Finland in the fifties after the Prince of Finland. Took it what happened to him. Well he He has a bad back. He takes Then some people in his palace ticket it gets around you know then rumor. Has It all of the servants? In his palace turned into pieces of furniture. Candlesticks and foot stools wait. He turned into a beast. Who told you that? I think it's from beauty and the beast. I think your way you're saying. Is that the Princeton. The beauty and the beast in his entire castle had a bad reaction to a muscle relaxant. Oh so people know about that. Yeah it's actually a children's story. Are you frowning? You think? I shouldn't have taken it now. I'm smiling. I'm glad you're okay and I hope you feel better. I can tell you rolling your eyes on today's episode. We're talking about the rule of law. Those who vowed to serve and protect and who better to talk to than a dog who saved twelve lives. That's right Freda. The world famous rescue dog is in the studio. Hey wait I tank get Frida I. I can't I can't see you so I can't tell if you're joking are you joking? She's busy busy. This is just for the people in Hong is a real dog of Frisia. Yes a beautiful blonde lab encouraged everyone to look her up. She has spent her life helping to rescue survivors from natural disasters around the world. She's may be the most real hero and she's worked since she was a puppy. She's ten years old now she she saved twelve. I know that why. Why do you think I wanted to book her? What was she going to say? Ron well she can tell us. Choose a dog. You did this despite being near voice. You're upset why but you are no. I'm still smiling anyway. I booked a human who can speak a former FBI former FBI agent so an FBI agent. Who got fired by someone? More important did did free to the rescue dog. Fire Him now. He's happily retire. He was actually in the Bureau for like twenty five year. Pay No do not take another muscle Ron. Please don't have that run that's not yours. Yes Oh my God okay. It's fine we'll just pick the Renault. How many there are I didn't do press. It's blows room. I didn't mean to. Is there a coffee? Stir I can snort that powder at that's really all around my God. No No. That's what I'll do you know. Let's degrading in my gums. That one I saved all right how I mean that al. He broke the skin. I probably broke the skin. We'll be right back with an FBI. Agent Christ all my name is Ron Burgundy. And did you know that? I recently switched to state farm. This is an ad for state farm. It's just an interesting story. I was with a big silly company that offered me plenty of savings and a lot of good laughs however I was never truly confident. That's right you heard here. Ron Burgundy was never truly confident until I switched over to state farm. I know it sounds like a commercial for state farm. But here's the deal it's justice story and I like to tell it. The old company kept me up at night worrying about what I signed and what I was really covered for and whether or not I was safe in the world. Well a sophisticated friend of mine whose name Will Remain Unspoken Sarah Current Howard. Davies told me she sleeps perfect at night ever since she switched over to state farm. When I heard this I ran out. Full speed down the street to the nearest payphone folks. There's not a lot of payphones out there anymore. It was about a twelve mile run and I got on the phone and dump Mike infusing quote unquote money-saving policy and got state farm. I actually feel insured now for the first time in my life. Sounds like a commercial but it was just a story. Tell Them Burgundy set you for whatever reason this commercial. Welcome back.

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