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Diagonal left wing corner jetson but then blake wheeler took it away carries out the senate race jets very easily very nearly got a too many men on the ice call there as wheeler lifted through the air down ice on brubaker that was dangerous play by wheeler to turn around right in front of his bench there anybody else touches part they're big trouble breaking through center ice over the jets line drops the puck along left wing boards sharp sharp no fighting off a check put it over to the high slot intended for taken away by the jets here's buffalo racing goulooze puck the left wing corner hawk zone carries back about that feted up the slot knocked away by then staff need to the near corner seabrook took the puck he'll spin it up the right side to center ice venture out there for the jets will dump it out the end boards and in behind the hawk net ruby settles down for seabrook cruising in behind this got laugh early on in the third period the guy turned into the gate the ac call he's the defense up in the play racing to the dots here joel armehe now taking the puck away from different racing into the hawk zone doubling back in the back checking mode scrapes it away with the skate and stick mela pucks by hinders throws along the black hawk blue line picked off by perot he steps into the hawk zone rifles shot from the high slot glove save made by baru baked you'll hold on face off circle lewis left in the sprint finish third period of play stay tuned for the cj wilson mazda chicago blackhawks postgame show ck wilson serving you in orland park countryside and always online at zoomzoomnation dot com of course talk about cable coin is going.

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