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So i. got. Synchronicity put those in there. Of course dreams I got sometimes, I'll read out of my idea book. But I on constantly getting. I realized DICTA TO IDEAS. I'm I'm addicted ideas and brainstorming and imagining the possibility of unpacking the imagination and. I'm just. I I feel. When I'm not. Either in the midst of Something or daydreaming about something or talking with someone about. Imagination or This sort of enlightening aspects of I find myself kind of. Those are the Times I get bored of those are the Times that I. Just like I tune out and I dug. I, think. What I viewed my ideas ask like little little babies and I feel. It's my duty to to give them life and so I'm writing them down a lot. I kept this whole. Idea book sold of things here that. Would I just realize that these ideas that I have for screenplays? Screenplay but. These ideas for screenplays I have the whole beginning middle and end in my brain. All these things down and I thought today. That's how long how fun with that the F. I made an album of each of these screenplay ideas like so I don't have to wipe out entire screenplay I can tell the whole story with this. This sort of anthology album like a Martian chronicles by Ray Bradbury or this anthology album of these particular story. So that kind of just blitzed the cool.

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