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One of them. Is Gore. Bags sponge the mother. Mock. Let's bench. She is dressed like the rest of them in some kind of cultish robes, and she is dogged. They're not tattoos just being painted on all dog on. Ceres of markings have face forearms anything that's exposed with these kind of mad writhing images of open aggressive more than jaws and mouths intersperse weapons and glades and shields very light. The tattoos are on the arms of the the original chief cultists that you can make the assumption that these people are cultists of Banshee Foo- and she recognizes you tougher, and and they start trying to push past the skeleton, so there's a sort of kerfuffle. We won't. I'm going to kind of slightly hand wave the detail of it, but the the skeleton pushes North into the room now that the door is open, and they start piling out of the aggressive towards look. They look terrified and the first one. The foremost one runs out. He's all it's moving. It starts heading east towards the double doors further into the complex and the others run out to they. Looking at you terrified. They didn't look aggressive They look like they would rather be anywhere else. They looked like the terrified that other. They've been on mosques or that. They're under attack. was something the justly with each other nodes to get out to the rim nicely to be so scared? Up there and that is fat. I think I'm GonNa make a role for these. Very smart. So one of the skeletons are the far into the corridor from the ones trying to scramble against hopeless against these double doors decides to give up on scrapping to was these double doors and runs away up to the north. The up towards the you think. The beast came from other than that I have nothing to report. Move onto birth. Okay, so which one of these go bikes Goldberg Sponge is. Let's say she is the one standing just on your side of the door to the north. She's behind little gaggle of three or four of these people. You're not sure that you don't recognize some of the others well, not people that you know that you might have seen them around town I'll say. Come down Running that ways potentially dangerous. How. Did you come to be here? Make a check What's the most appropriate skill in this instance? persuasion vis Suasion K.. Eleven. Your words register, but she just looks to panicked. There's also dislike for very fervor. Ish. Kind of fanaticism is as well you wonder whether or not they're scared, but they might get a little bit more aggressive if they were cornered. Okay well, I just moved out the way so Anything else you want to do yes. I wanted to stow my crossbar and take him when I sold coal and grumbled. GROWED! and. Go It's time for your business ties and criminal. Jimbo the QA remould di Di di. Ding. All! Right. Okay. We'll do another shocking grasp on. The teaching in front of me does that one. Is going for. A week. Thing with Johnny Rescue. Things out. Tack Than Anybody Grumbled Golfing a few state and then shakes himself. And these are all skeletons clustered outside the door. No, they all look like they looked like that. Cultists that their towns people who are worshippers of Banshee view who are in a bit of a frantic kind of push to escape. They piled out of this room to the north, pushing the skeleton the way. They look like they're going to try and either flee attack. You or something probably Flea Cain. Fee than any suggestions anybody. About to sleep guess. Fully the story. One of the skeletons s like. I'll turn around and start checking out the door to the north there is. Over here all he, the teaching that teaching the popped out from the door to the south, slammed the door shaw having. Yeah Yeah. The skeleton against the S- Saddam down here. Skeletons. Aggressive at the moment. But. The time will come with that and spell wings out, and they will start attacking us so taking them at one the time now would be. We all we off the Pepsi's count nations seven rounds into the turning period. Right. Off One at a time, they're not thinking. I think. He does damaged. Anyway. Be turned. Not Okay so. Where is it on this southern real calm? There's a couple of skeletons very southern. scrabbling against the wall of the Southern Rhode, Vaca- Go into the that and then I'll do any fireboat. Okay, let me just describe that room. T run out. Quite hit a couple of turns around. We'll go the other way. K.. Chamber grumbled There's a couple of feds against the eastern wall. There's a long wooden table on the south wall which the two sentences scrapping against a couple of stools weapon racks. There's a suit of leather armor on that table with a variety of tools spread around. It looks like somebody's been other repairing that. Tomorrow whatever it is. You want to do. Anything looks particularly tasty when I make nothing. Particularly Valuable. Okay. How far about them? One of the skeletons which white? On the one in front of me to to the south. Class Eight is Amiss. Okay, so it didn't do damage, so he's not gonNA. Stop Turning. Is that correct I have to? You have to talk to the boss bill that. Doesn't grime. I will consult the writeup. What, about it when the time comes? Windy takes any damage.

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