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Stage Kirsten. Hello it is me your cursor Mckenna's who you might know from such hit podcasts as a NAP would squares Game night one and two, which both definitely went really well and are critically acclaimed as well as other whatever it's fine. I am here and I've been informed that I should be bringing the heat and really roasting rob and Akiva, and so the problem with that. As there's already a roast of Rochester, Nino it's been done I mean has he done anything new since lend to bureau for I'm not so sure and then well when it comes to Akiva. I think life is doing a good enough job roasting him for us. So I think that the best thing I can do here is be a little bit unexpected and be nice. What's So I just want to say a few words about my friends rob and Akiba on this incredible accomplishment of the one hundred episode of Robin Akiba need a podcast. Robert is someone who will send you a microphone. As a of telling you, your audio is crap and that he wants things to be a little bit more polished or just always very much appreciated He's someone who will. Shoot the shit with you but. Also. He's kind of he's like the the podfather you know you you can't say anything to vary rob. And then He's someone who has given the most incredible platform to such a massive group of people. I cannot imagine. How many lives have been changed even just by having you rha in general and more specifically, Robin need a podcast for their commutes for their hard times This is something that really helps people get through the hard parts and it is all thanks to rob. It would none of this exists without him. So thank you, ROB and Al Akiva. AKIVA is a man who will jump on a zoom call with no explanation out four thirty in the morning just to hang out with a bunch of us he's someone who will send you a tweet to ask for the context or. You know have about really great. But of gossip that you've been looking for a Cuba is a joy. To Talk to and I think anyone who listens to this podcast would know that because each and every episode feels like. You're having a conversation with friends and while his friend slush Seinfeld take is. Just. Completely inferior to all foods are Subaru Sandwich. He does have these funny hot takes of you know what should be illegal and what shouldn't be illegal a key is. So genuine and kind and someone who is willing to use whatever he has to help someone else and let someone else up and it is noticed and it is appreciated. So thank you AKIVA. So. This is my toast to Robin Akiva. And congratulations on the amazing accomplishment of your one hundred episode of renown up. Why that was so moving in unexpected I thought. would be the I know she was even whispering.

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