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Helicopters phone by L. A F D air operations flew over 200 friends and family of Berbers who gathered on the church patio. The 44 year old Lakewood president was remembered as a prankster and father figure in the community passed away from the virus. On July 25th. L. A County public health is investigating a series of Corona virus outbreaks at 10 UPS work sites. All of the more than 80 employees that have tested positive thus far have been isolated and contact tracing performed. This isn't the first outbreak we've invested in investigated at UPS. June. We also investigated 10 covert positive. You guess employees who work in seven locations, County health officer, Dr Montu, Davis says. In those cases, their investigation indicated that the workers likely became infected in the community, not at the workplace. They're also investigating outbreaks at to Trojan battery plants in Santa Fe Springs. At 61 employees working at two separate locations were positive. Look over 19. The hospitalizations have been reported, and I'm sad to report that One Co 19 related stuff has also eaten at so Fi stadium. He says 77 workers have tested positive, but the work site is in compliance with Outbreak management, which includes contact tracing Margaret career O. K. Annex, 10 70 news radio. Top South Pasadena official has apologized For setting up phony email accounts that she used to criticize and attacks from over critics, including one of her colleagues. She's also announced plans to resign from her job this week. In the wake of the controversy. City Councilwoman Marina Marina who best Rian says she now feels embarrassed and remorseful about her actions, which is included By using a fake account opposed to public message that accused fellow Council members of corruption. She says it happened at a time when she was under a lot of stress because of serious health problems, also says that's no excuse for what she did. Finally happening. The L. A County Sheriff's department will be getting body cans for the deputies, Sheriff Alex Villanueva says you've been working on this for two years was a 20 month battle since the very first week I took office. To get this program up and running, and it is very important to transparency. My commitment to reform the department. He says the body Cam is going to start rolling out in October at a limited number of stations..

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