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Excited listen this is a big ticket item. I'm sure it's great. He's a talented guy and it's not I'm sure it'll be spectacular failure. It'll be fun anyway. Great but if it's not, I'm giving him out very. Big Jason Fane of. I I've heard some. So I know that it's a thing that exists and I'm very excited for Oliver NAP to experience it. I can't. It's not one of these things rob where I could say like, Hey, maybe I could like, Hey, should somebody listen just to make sure it's we already I could do that. But like it's going to record the whole thing right now, we don't really like the way Watson realist needs no no matter what. One hundred percents. That's what I'm saying I don't think there's any and you know but I had less to do this than any other idea I had no no sort of A. And I as I think you did like I did not record any audio for it I had I don't know if someone's GonNa be playing Robin keep on the podcast work. Okay. Great. So that is officially on the wheel. Putting on the wheel maybe. All right. Here we go. All right. To be here for that historic occasion. Can I throw out one of the things before we get to the rampant. What do you think of? I feel like I saw this I don't know where some get these ideas through us most is I know somebody suggested I don't have who was in front of me. Rob Makita the table read where we put together some sort of a a a group, and we have a some sort of a reading of either a TV show or a movie. I thought here's the thing it is the I thought that that's what frail marriage fan fiction is going to be like she's GonNa write a script. Not even a script it's a story. No I think it might be script form. I'm not sure listen I. Thought Somebody was working on this. I. Well how about this if it's let me, can I ask for Mary this week. I am the interest on the saint you there was also another idea which was. Sort of a Robin Akiva like pilot or somebody writes a story, and then we read that I should we should it be ov centric versus like or we're not just reading like. Two and a half men season three episode seven on the wheel and why not wouldn't that be great? I'm not sure that's great. I'm not saying it's not but I'm not sure it's What if it's like someone wrote some really bad and we'd read that that would be funny like a listener wrote a movie that's not going to get produced there. Maybe. It's something that's in the crappy movie diaper. Maybe maybe we do. Maybe we read it live. All right. I'm GONNA say this. I'M GONNA I'm GonNa make a note to talk this next week. I. DO THINK WE'LL SOMEBODY HAD Woodworking on something like I don't think. So all right. Can. I can I if you warm to me Kim dissect. What we have Amanda here we have we have somebody who has been a part of this entire journey. Let's give her take on it. Yeah. She's a little nice though she's never going to say that sucks I. Don't say she'll say whether it would be a good episode or not I think you'll save no matter what. No. So the ideas that you just are going to read a script of something that exists that its own thing or is that something new? We have a cast of characters maybe it's maybe it's a season three episode seven of a TV show maybe maybe it's a movie maybe it's from the whoopie cushion maybe it's crappy movie diaper and perform it here on the podcast. and. So you're you're going to cast it with people from the community at everybody's GonNa have a role and read it on the podcast throat. I. Just I think that's the right thing right? I. Don't think He. Though I think, I do think it should be an original piece of content. That's what I would like. I'm willing to your otherwise but like. What if somebody wrote like we suggested this I don't know if somebody isn't working on it, but we like if somebody wrote the Robin Akiva pilot and then we acted out as table read and we get like the characters the play themselves maybe that could be the sequel mechanism but I think we probably need the proof of concept I, and I think that there's too much variance there because if it doesn't work, it could be well, it was the script sucked but if this was where it worked, then it's like, okay well, now let's do it and now it'll be the Robin Akiva TV show. So, you think we should really do table read of an existent show. I think if you found the right the right thing, it would have to be kind of funny in its own. Year like a really bad Sitcom, I'm you don't WanNa, do a drama razor frazier as you. Can You do? WHO WOULD YOU BE? Who are you playing in the frazier? Like a radio host so I'd be frazier and I guess you would be Niles. Is that miles as his brother the dog? The dog is named Eddie. Eddie does who dad's name. Frazier? Dad. that. I agree with your frazier take by the way..

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