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The dusty cup begins the champ is under attack. And adam. Cole has a lotta respect lottery. It's weeks review of and t the cuban missile. So wow i'm just now realizing this is the first time i've done a video covering annex t for the youtube channel not just for the podcast which by the way if you are just listening to this podcast check out the fight boys youtube account and now that the random schilling is out of the way. Yeah let me explain why annex t is hard to talk about because i'm a storyline guy and i will argue in x t may be the worst weekly wrestling show when it comes to storylines. That's not to say it's a bad joe. It is a fantastic show. It's just very entering based and that's good. I mean we get storylines through smackdown. We get storylines through raw. You want good just pure entering wrestling. You come to annex t and in fact the opening match shotsie blackheart versus candice. Laurie prove my point. Exactly i mean yes. There storyline had a few big moments. Like candice running over the tank but really this was this was built through matches. It wasn't built through segments which is rough for me. Because i'm like no. I know how to i know how to tell stories. I don't know how to talk about in ring work. I can tell if things need to work. You know vary by storyline and this mattress dwell given the storyline wasn't like on raw when charlotte like tried to roll up lacey evans and did all that. It wasn't that it was brutal. It was such a fantastic match. I love the branding of the way. Shotsie black hard is on a level in these two phone on an absolute classic. Both of them are so good. They have such great innovative offense. And yes i know. I'm mark for women's wrestling mark for technical wrestling and this match gave me both of those things but i honestly think 'cause this i'm thinking is the blow off unless they they may continue it a little bit into the women's dusty cup but in my opinion this is a blow off to a rivalry. This is better than park. Kingston because pot kingston also blew off a rivalry and open day. W and i think this one was just that little bit better. I'm not trying to get competitive here. But i am trying to compare and contrast honestly when it comes to entering work even aew. I don't think anyone compete with an x t. They have some of the greatest technical minds in the business and they put them to good use and this opening match proved that exactly the end of the match. A distraction from andy hartwell allows candidates to hit a massive neckbreaker off the top rope for the victory. And that is that's how you fucking do it. That's how you open a show. Those two are phenomenal up. Next thin ballard comes out for a promo champ is here as it were. And yeah ballard can cut a hell of a promo canny..

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