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One Jeff Wagner until the PM. Jay, okay. The guy hung up. I wanted to call. I was gonna take as we had a caller on the line who went to say this is clearly a racist situation. There's no way that the police should have drawn their guns to which I was going to say, what do you mean? They shouldn't have drawn their guns. Put yourself in the position of these two Walla tosa police officers, you are flagged down by somebody. Who says I think I just witnessed essentially carjacking. I'm paraphrasing this guy in the back seat of that car. I think he stole. I think he's stolen the car. So you think you might have a carjacking you think you might have potentially a hostage situation or whatever the police pull the car over they demand the guy get out of the back. Of course, they're going to get I think, of course, they're going to get out of their vehicle with their guns drawn. Now, they actually didn't point the guns at him. But they're they've got him out in case. This guy pulls out a gun and start shooting at him. This is just I mean, it seems to me the way the wall with tosa police handled this. Was just completely and totally according to now, it was a mistake. The information they got was bad. But at the same time, what are they supposed to do? Somebody says, hey, I think there's been a car jacking. I think there's a hostage situation here. What are we supposed to do? Let the car drive off for one four seven nine nine one six twenty Yvonne in Milwaukee your WTMJ good afternoon. Hello. Hi von. Well, I'm an African American mother to son. His grandfather was a retired police officer a detective. With Milwaukee, and whatever, and I do have to commend. Tells the police maybe I don't know there can be an argument about pulling a gun. But like you said if you're thinking it's a project, but I have to command them the way they handled it they ask the questions, right? And whatever. So I commend something that could've gone horribly wrong ever. So I I really. Argue that my son is had. Brookvale him over thinking his tent was to dock, and of course, if grandad who tennis car and new the as a police officer should be right out. Badge on the table. And of course, the judge dismissed that he said, well this man, no way. Legal or not. And then the other time he pulled the car over because all the lights had gone on at night on the way. And he was waiting on AAA and police officers were very nice. They they came up behind and ask what the problem was and asked him if he wants to sit in the car with AAA. I I mean, I have to commend them in this case becoming volatile. Imagine trying to match the situation. Your husband was a police officer himself. I will regardless, you know, white black Brown green. Whatever police officer gets a report that it might be a hostage situation. Mike is that your your husband is going to do pretty much the same thing these officers did let's get the situation under control. Let's protect ourselves. We don't want this to turn into something worse. And then once you find out that it is what it is. Which is not a carjacking you send you apologize. And you send everybody on their way. That's how you should handle this stuff. Wonderful thing. I heard them apologize. And so I just thought to myself, you know, let's not jump the gun all the time. Right. Everything. Racist type of thing. I think it was. And who knows I don't know what the person who called Saudi saw or didn't see or whatever. I vouch for that. 'cause nobody has film. Right. What happened there? But. Every eighteen year old boy after grandnephew don't do that. No, thanks are called right, right? I mean, I guess I wouldn't I I don't know what the guy saw. And I don't know. You know, what what prompted him to say this all I know. And if we want to criticize that man for overreacting or whatever it what he told the police, that's one thing we do know how the police handled this and like I say, I just I don't see this as a racial incident. I think the police handled this perfectly appropriate. Let's do it. Yes. Was there? Get out of the car. Put your hands up. Let's separate the situation. Let's get it under control. And then let's find out what we have. And then when it turns out that you you don't have a carjacking. You don't have a hostage situation. Whatever then you just send everybody on their way. Let's talk to Ben in whitewater banger. WTMJ good afternoon. You're going one people wanna make make sometimes and create turmoil may have been one of those situations. Everybody else kind of hit the points. The panel this very well. I want to say one thing about the teenager actually, either role model. To the cops he complied. He he followed their instruction. And nothing happened. Five minutes they were out of there. There was no incident. Other people should should just follow. That example, people. They're not out there to make problems. They just want to do their job and golf like everybody else. I am. So glad you made that point because that was one of the other things that that struck me. And I always I always say this a lot of the problems that happen in police citizen interactions is because the citizen for whatever reason decides that they're not going to comply with the police, and that always escalates the thing now look police make mistakes. But if you go along, and you do what they say, those mistakes can always be rectified. All right. If it's a wrongful arrest, you you can sue you can do whatever the problem becomes when you decide to resist or you don't comply with the police you automatically then ratchet up. What happens you start to an initial man did? But you start to run or you start to reach into your pockets. Like, you're pulling something or whatever. That then ratchets up the situation in this particular case the information the police had was incorrect given to them by the passer by all right? That's fine. But they're just doing their job. They're trying to verify this. And you are exactly right. Ben. You have the young man who told him to get out of the car. He got out of the car. They told him to raise his hands. He raised his hands. They told him to get down on his knees. He did. And they moved him into the back of the squad car, and then they investigated. All right. They asked questions of the people in the front seat. He said there's nothing going on here. This is my grandson, etc. They let the kid go immediately. And then everybody went on their way. Because this wasn't a situation where anybody cooler heads prevailed all across the way, it's not like the young man got out and started again running or something like that everybody did what they were supposed to do. And as a result. Everybody safe. Everybody is on their way, twelve twenty nine Jeff Wagner WTMJ. Thanks for participating and Facebook live will do this again at the start of the program tomorrow. Lots more stuff coming up in just a couple of minutes. This is Jeff Wagner WTMJ.

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