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Twice annual conference of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints the selections will most likely be supported by a large contingent of mormons who wanted more diversity more than half of the religion sixteen million members live outside the united states germany has won the world marbles championship the tournament was held in west sussex england in a car park outside the greyhound pub the site has been the official venue for the event since the nineteen thirties but according to local legend the game has been played there for hundreds of years junior garth was one of those who come always knee high five years old year jamaica came to england and discovered that this guy is big guy the fifteen centuries a team from the united states also took part what it takes what does it take to be the top dog in america as kyw's john mcdevitt explains there's a competition going on in philadelphia today to figure that out more than two hundred dollars are competing in the eighth annual american humane hero doug awards among them ally a twelve year old pit bull mix goes to work every day with his owner alley gottlieb afi servile pennsylvania got leaving icu vet tech at an animal hospital says not only does eli have the ability to comfort you but also animals we have a lot of fearful animals here and when they see him come around oftentimes they'll come out of their cage they will.

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