Anthony Bourdain, celebrity chef and CNN host, dead in apparent suicide at 61


Reports more often knx ten seventy newsradio warmer today feel it's a heat up in moore's we go into the weekend so seventies eighties some nineties out there for highs this afternoon another couple of grease tomorrow and into sunday clouds morning but plenty of sunshine by the afternoons and then as we go into next week even warmer than this five day forecast to forty five seventy two in san clemente eighty nine in corona eighty degrees now in downey to thirtyseven on knx anthony bourdain the celebrity chef who inspired millions of people to share his delight in food the bonds that it creates is being remembered today he was found jetties hotel room in france and apparent suicide ted allen tv personality with the food network he says his friend will be remembered for his ability to transport viewers all around the globe during his cnn series parts unknown opened the world or millions of people not just the world but world ordain spent eight seasons hosting the travel channel's emmy winning program no reservations before moving to cnn in twenty thirteen this is deeply richly satisfying food with the interesting flavors and interestingly increasingly the kinds of flavors that that fine dining chef crave after work slice and funk known won five emmys and a twenty thirteen peabody award anthony bourdain was sixty one foodies and celebrity chefs fans they're still in disbelief about his boarding made his mark on l a and l a food made him a lot of shock a lot of sadness over his death and anthony bourdain was here alati loved elway mexican food in and out burger but he's euro in on korea town he sampled the restaurants theory highlighted the food russ parsons is the former food editor of the la times he's now retired tony did away with bring us brings this entire world to the american table and introduce us to cultures never otherwise experience he says his own reaction to board dane staff is of extreme sadness any notes that none of us can ever really know what's going on in someone else's had and the people often who are suffering the worst or the ones who are the best at at covering it off and yet he also felt anthony bourdain was a life force for so many people in public in koreatown john perr knx ten seventy newsradio fourteen was many things to many people and it turns out as bourdain was quietly spiraling towards suicide he was convincing.

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