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The left shit here come belt he's gonna score live go is going to go to third the throw in the second crawford flied that he made it proper got a double in an rbi fly ball down the left feline you're the corner is dickerson he leaves here right down the left field line is hardly clears the bases three run home run and five update ground ball left side diving stop by longoria he stands up throws diversed and he got him what a play by evan longoria spend quiet trip for belly swings and pulls one fair inside the bag at first down the chasing after it rodriguez from second belt is gonna motor his way into second but catching around the third but it's another double for brandon belt is third head of the day oh to moran hits a one hopper backhander by tomlinson getting along the shallow outfield grass hill pop up and throw the i four the final out of the game nice play by kelvin tomlinson and the giants do find a way to get a win here in pittsburgh before heading back home the giants beat the pirates by the final score of five to nothing one for pennsylvania the san francisco giants they finally get one yesterday afternoon five nothing behind derek all and how about that on friday we left here and i was telling you dude are we really at the point where i'm sweating out like get into an andy suarez start were andy schwartz has got to be my guy indies wars was not the guy jeff samardzija was not the guy it was a whole different giants yesterday gorky hernandez got it done kind nick still showing power from behind the plate and then derek holland with his best start of the year gift is coming into yesterday's game derek holland old for his last twelve starts winless in twelve consecutive pardon me twelve consecutive road starts had an era.

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