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In places studios and the crap part of Bedford, New York, the crap part of West Hollywood, California. It's the men in blazers podcast roger. We back the Premier League at the weekend, how are you doing? David. I'm flying this morning, roger. I'm flying. I'm absolutely flying. You know why? 'cause I went to my new pottery class last night. What? I really heard you speechless. Yeah, I've got a new hobby. Hobby, I don't know. Hobby might be too small a word. This may be my true vocation. This may be what I was actually meant to do with my life, is make pots. Is this like nominative determinism? Your hobby is now the last name of your current Premier League manager. Do you know what? That's actually yeah, I know. Could I take up burying at some point? I don't know. Because you know me, I'm always more ownership inclined. I hadn't thought of it in that respect. I often bore the social occasions when I'm really bored. I'll just be like, just shout out the first thing that comes to mind. What do I get to do? Do I get to Lampard or do I get to berhalter? I think whatever lump holding. I'm probably closer to that, but what is it about pottery? You now like moving into what the earth day they'll take your shoes off what the land devote where you getting back to you getting back to basics. I think I'm so old, rods that I've gone beyond midlife crisis and I'm now into like just old age. I'm preparing for great age at this point. You know, I grew up my mom was like an avid Potter artist to go with her to a pottery class sometimes on Wednesday mornings at the adult education center in lewisham. And this just seems like. I've now like I've been drawn to pottery. And God, it's wonderful. It's thrilling, roger. It is absolutely thrilling and therapeutic. It's both a craft and an art. It's manual. It's, oh, God, it's good. Love pottery. There's an instant gratification to creating play. Instantly creating and so godspeed, if that is what it takes you to get through the winter black dog. That is the single greatest. These are times of chaos. These are times of darkness. We are launching clearly a another podcast imminently today at the wheel with Michael Davis, but they are it is time to cast on the field which we will get to off the field. We should start off by saying, first of all, big, big love to all gfo piece listening across the state of Florida. Oh my God, yes. God, it's so hard to watch just passively just the imminent destruction descend of reminder that we are all just so small in the force of nature. Be sensible, be safe. We just wish you strength and love amidst the hurricane Ian madness. And to lesser stuff, Dave, to the football. I've got to say, we are emerging from the international window and big picture, we are all set for one of the most wide, open world cups in, in a long, long time, so many big teams, France, Germany, England, Portugal, look, vulnerable, fallible. We Americans drink good company. But I want to say up top, warn you almost. I have not been potting Dave out. I've actually been at about 4 o'clock, we interviewed Harry Kane this morning and we're interviewing early, how long tomorrow we are taking football in the face, but I'm not in a good place. I did not sleep a lot last night, and now we're not meant to read too much into friendlies. Saudi Arabia's second team holding our baby eagles to a nil nil tie Dave out. It shook me. It shook me up. Yes, roger and nil nil tie, the nature of which was perhaps more alarming than the nil nil tie itself. As we'll discuss, I'm beginning to worry Dave and I know it's not just me. I did a do it live post match for an hour and a half and taught with so many American fans about their feelings, their questions. Their darkness going into this World Cup, which is what 53 days away for us as we pod and I'd say I feel it. I feel it a lot. I know so many of you do and I just want to say up top, we all feel it's so profoundly because we've dreamed and yearned after the failure in 2017. We let the egg for this World Cup for 8 long years now and the players too speaking to them over the past two years. They have 8 for this World Cup to watch this past week, this system has no clothes past week. It feels really shattering and I'm saying all this is a caveat about what my mood is as we pod, but let's dive on it. Mystery about what you're going to say later, roger, I love it. Okay, before we dive in a few pieces of business from men and blazers world headquarters starting with a very special episode of the women's game presented by paramount plus that drops tomorrow with none other than Trinity Rodman, Raj, what an episode this is going to be. I did love taping this episode Dave O two here. How Trinity's experienced her meteoric rise to become one of the NWSL and the U.S. women's national team's best and brightest stars was a joint lifted my spirits in a way I needed them left and we talked about the lessons she's learned. And while everyone's still talks about her NBA legend father Dennis, it's really a mother from whom Trinity gets so much of that competitive fire. This podcast. It really is. It's a must listen. Roger Friday, there's a brand new episode of WG FOP gonna be dropping just call 646-450-9472 to ask roger questions and Saturday on this very pod feed. We're dropping the trailer for your new series world corrupt with pod save America's Tommy

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