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Felt this sense of? frustration and loss in. How can you give what some of these children need? We can never do enough. You know we can help in lots of different ways, but it's really helping parents to help. Because you know most of what takes, place will take place at home. We hold and And then I started a clinic for children. In my area, we provided special services to all the private schools in the South Bay area and Santa. Cruz, and it was a speech language learning disability therapy. Clinic and I had I don't know about five seven therapists in a couple of psychologists and so Yeah. I just I really. Loved working with kids when I left. That the therapy, we moved for a short time. To Colorado and That was where I. My dad had started doing a bunch of research on one of our ancestors. He wasn't getting anywhere. He wanted to write a biography I said. Send me all of your stuff. I'll organize for you. And then this story just sort of swept out of me. And I just got hooked with writing and so I sold my practice, and I started writing, but I really had a lot of anguish about giving up. What I you know you learn so much. You become so wise and experienced about working with children and parents and so then I started. Teaching writing workshops, two children, both in my community in children's shelter for kids that were abused, abandoned and neglected and That was again, you know. Tune incredible eye opener. But it was wonderful to feel like I was still using the gifts that I had been Given you know working with kids in both public school in the clinic, and continuing with that and I don't anymore, and I do miss it, but But I also love what I'm doing now and It feels like. Like it's okay, That is so beautiful to hear. Your whole story of how that evolved, and you know where you started and coming full circle and I even think it's interesting. Even you know this book. Is You know we're talking about it to a bunch of? Our listeners are all therapists so that when I heard you. Cole my God. This is the way I could. Coming full circle again in a really cool way. Yes I think that having that experience to get you. We talked a little bit about this of how therapists can utilize this book in their own work, whether it's for self care or for learning about their own creativity or supporting their clients Can you speak a little bit on how therapists can take? What's in this book and bring it into their personal and professional life? Sure. So again I think that. You know working with kids can be uplifting, and it can also be challenging because of the limitations that we have. And I think that it can be exhausting sometimes, and we really need a way to care for ourselves in order to keep our energy high our belief in the miraculous, our sense of worthiness s that what we're doing is enough. You know we'll never be able to do it all, but what we do is enough. And, so I hope that the workbook would help therapists to. You know get into feel. In no themselves on a deeper level about when they reach blocks in there, working with kids or they start to flounder or start to tout themselves are WanNa give up or change. Professions are or even have great success. You know to be able to know what did I do to get to that place success with this child, so that I can replicate that and I can use. Use the skill the skills that I learned in order to broaden my base and my you know my my set of talents that I have to offer kids which I think is really critical that we can be able to tap into those parts of ourselves to both no delimitations, but also to be able to embrace our strengths, and to own those strains and not down. Down Talk Them. You know not to say Oh, it was nothing our own anybody could do it or You know those things that we do say. It's just blows my mind, but. to be able to re embrace and celebrate in to have a party and upright. You know on a zoom caller. Something of Oh my Gosh, you know I had this big breakthrough I want to share it, and and this is what I did and this is what I'm going to take forward with me that this is a skill set. That's mine. This is what I know I need to learn more about patients or you know encouragement, or this or that, but I know that I am rate at this, and with that impairment. It allows you to be a much better therapist. So I hope that the workbook could work on both levels because we all have a back story in novels, a story is everything that has happened to the character before the story begins, and you don't always tell all those things, but you WanNa know them so that you can sort of bring it out in the story in the development of the character, and we all have back stories you know depending on how old you are and extra backstory. It could be really long like mine. And you. Can Be sure that you look so young, but. We all have stories and we all have suffered pain, and if you haven't I really can almost assure you that it's no pointing along the line you well, and it's not a bad thing. I mean yeah. It's GonNa hurt. It's GonNa, really crush you and you know things are going to fall apart, but that's part of the universal story, and if you can embrace that and. And hold that you. Can you know because sometimes in order to find True Path, we have to lose everything. We have to be stripped of everything. Because sometimes we're just off in the wrong direction. You know we've got lost where making poor choices, or were you know going down the wrong path or whatever and the only way to get us back and get us? Towards our destiny, or towards are truth, sometimes we have to really suffer great loss, and in doing so we burn off all that which holds.

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