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By Sierra Nevada brewing company crafted to be instrumental to your weekend. It bring it back down after Victoria. With a good ole instrumental pun. We're gonna turn it over to our, our drummer, Marcus Gilmore, first time on the show from markets. When when Moore said yes to the gig, I allowed myself a trip down a very deep YouTube, a whole of Marcus Gilmore videos, and I found a version of him playing this song, all by himself, by the way, I encourage you to check to go down one of the yourself. It's, it's very rewarding when it comes to Mr. Gilmore back on the Trump Tom this piece, so away. This is on that video that I thought was just you and, and the drums. And then a laptop, can you tell me what what's happening back there? Yeah. Well on that particular video. Yeah. Solo and I was basically controlling these sensors to the drums, so was basically almost one hundred percent electric, but I was playing with my sticks. So you train the laptop, I remember rehearsal yesterday. You were actually training since this isn't your kit. Right. Actually had to train the laptop to recognize the sounds specific sounds that this that these drums, make. Yeah. You have to train it to, to know what is like, when you hitting particular regions of the drum, what type of operation that will create so that the computer can can read it. Oh man. Okay. And so, so check this out, basically, the first the first few times, this corporation that, that Marcus road will just be him his, drums, and a laptop. This is called Phila wave..

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