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The us in syria is active and the hope would be to avoid any any conflict between those the russia and the us is that was diplomatic correspondent caroline holy details have emerged about how russian special forces have been trained in the use of chemical warfare in a letter to nato secretary general the british national security advisor mark said we'll says the methods used include putting small quantities of novi chalk clause nerve agents on door handles forensic scientists believe this is what happened in the attack on the russian fullness by settled gates repel and his daughter yulia in the english city of salisbury his our security correspondent frank gardner the details contained in this letter do not constitute the metaphorical smoking gun the would identify the exact culprits behind the poisoning of the scribbles a march the fourth but they do go further than the government has gone before then accusing russia of testing assassination methods with chemical weapons including using nerve agent smeared onto door handles forensic scientists have concluded that the highest concentration of the nova chalk poison found in salisbury was on the front door handle of sergei scruples home in his letter to the nato chief somare said wool says russia has produced and stockpiled small quantities of nova jock nerve agent in the last decade which denies his letter also says that email accounts belonging to yulia scruple would talkative by russian intelligence cyber specialists as far back as twenty thirteen frank gardner demonstrations have taken place across india over how the authorities have handled to child rape cases protesters say both crimes have not been investigated properly justin rowlatt reports from delhi the mutilated body of an eight year old girl was found in a forest in january in indianadministered kashmir her family complained that when they went to the police they were unhelpful an only took up the case of the protests by her community eight men have.

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