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I am branded boxer, by the way. Homeland security busted 44 million worth of counterfeit sports goods. Ahead of the Super Bowl. Way down, though from last year, the same operation seized 123 million when they're talking about, Well, counterfeit goods. What are you talking about? We're talking about fake Tom Brady jerseys. Fake championship rings. I'm sorry. A championship ring like I guess there's suckers everywhere. But I found that interesting. Also, quick reminder. Don't post your covert 19. Vaccination card on social media. Apparently, this is all the rage right now. But the better business bureau has come out to say Please don't do that. All of these photos are attracting scammers. It reminds me of when you get the backstage pass, and you have to Wear it around your neck or, you know, slap it on your pants. The sticker they always say, Don't post that because someone will go behind and try to get backstage to back when we of course, had concerts. All right. Right now, let's get you some cash Your chance to win $1000 text the nationwide keyword game toe 202 100. He'll get a confirmation text and invoke standard data and message rates apply in this nationwide contest. That's game 2, 202 107 31 traffic and weather together from temp star. Heating and cooling products. Here's Johnny Hill accident off to the side to 70, east of 71, near Grove City. Watch the left hand berm. It blocked the left lane. Initially a couple other accidents. Fifth Avenue and Nelson also only take the river road at snapper and a couple of these, especially in the on the side streets may have been caused by some slippery conditions. This fog of 2nd may be freezing on contact. Careful of bridges, ramps and overpasses in particular. Now, some of that fog still very thick on the cameras on 70 and looking and Madison counties. They're still seeing some very dense fog up 71 as well. Traffic sponsored by missile in wiper blades, sometimes driving his great sometimes it's not so great. When it's pouring outside. That's when you need the Michelin wiper blades. They hug your windshield like a Michigan Michelin tire hugs the road for better visibility. Get yours today on Amazon Prime traffic and weather together, powered by temp star and custom air. I'm Johnny Hilla, NewsRadio, 16 W. TV, ABC six first Warning The weather with Andrew Buck Michael powered by the basement doctor. It looks like too bad with the dense fog advisory that's going to pretty much left 38 for high today. A re freeze with a mix of rain and snow Tonight 25 overnight. 30 tomorrow some slick spot. That's 24 hours from now, so on your way, and if your community just be careful of that leave a little bit earlier tomorrow it is 19 in Buckeye Lake 20 at your severe weather station News worthy of 16 W. T.

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