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The poles in stride. We're doing very well, The polls are looking actually great. We're doing very well gonna have a big victory. I look forward to it. The Republican incumbent is back out campaigning in battleground states making up for time he lost while he was forced to stay close to home when he was sick with covert 19. And he's introduced something new in his campaign rally speech into Moine, Iowa, about his teenage son Barron. Testing positive at one point for Corona virus. First Lady Melania Trump said yesterday there son showed no symptoms. She has fiercely guarded, barren trumps privacy, but the president is now holding up. His youngest child's case is an example of why he thinks schools should fully reopen. President Trump Supreme Court nominee is a step closer to getting confirmed by the GOP led Senate. NPR's Claudia Goody SALIS reports. The date's been set for October 22nd for the Judiciary Committee to vote on recommending that the full Senate back Judge Amy Cockney Barrett. We can't say for sure what's going to happen, however, the committee has set that vote for next week to vote. Her nomination out to the full Senate floor and in terms of who might vote against state. Susan Collins of Maine and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska are two potential no votes. Democrats are still hoping That they'll have more Republicans flip and vote against this and perhaps derail the effort. But right now it looks like this could be a done deal. NPR's Claudia Chrysalis reporting more developments in the saga over early voting, a Texas State court his block governor, Greg Abbot's order. Limiting Texas counties to a single drop off side for mail in ballots. This comes just days after a federal appeals court upheld the governor's order in a parallel lawsuit. At last check on Wall Street. The Dow Jones industrial average was down slightly 20,502. This is NPR. The Labor Department is reporting an increase in state unemployment claims last week. NPR's Scott Horsefly has details. Almost 900,000 people filed new state claims for unemployment last week that's 53,000 Mohr than the previous week. The jump in claims reflects continued weakness in the job market. The numbers may also be clouded by reporting issues. Another 373,000 people filed jobless claims under a special federal program for gig workers and the self employed. As the recession drags on passed the six month mark. People who lost jobs in the spring are beginning to exhaust their regular unemployment benefits. By late September, nearly 2.8 million people had rolled onto an emergency program. It offers up to 13 weeks of extended help. Scott Horsley. NPR NEWS Washington The Chinese government is unhappy with the U. S decision to appoint its first ever human rights coordinator for Tibetan issues. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson claiming the U. S. Is trying to destabilize Tibet. NPR's Emily Fang with details China said it considers Tibetan affairs internal issues which the U. S has no right interfering in Religion. A Chinese spokesperson said at a regular press briefing today that the decision to create a new special coordinator was quote entirely out of political manipulation. Much of what happens in the Tibetan autonomous region is unknown because it is virtually inaccessible to diplomats and foreign journalists. Regency, numerous protests and revolts against Chinese communist rule since it was forcibly annexed in the 19 fifties. Emily Fang. NPR News Josiane Province, China. I'm Laxmi saying NPR news. Support for NPR comes from NPR stations. Other contributors include progressive insurance, comparing car insurance rates from multiple insurers, so shoppers can evaluate options in one place. Now that's progressive. Comparison's available at progressive dot com or 1, 800 progressive. The president personally called him up and say, Mr President, let's get a deal tomorrow. Let me say this. The president has sent Mr Mnuchin to negotiate. That's what we've done with other president. This is a unusual what President Bush we had who did this quite a bit, because that's how you negotiate you and then you take it to the president. This, Mr.

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