Didi Conn discusses how she got the role of Frenchy in Grease

Scummy Mummies


The filming to how did you get the pot of frenchie did you do you like addition for other roles did you know you going to be frenchie i didn't know i got a call from my agent to go to paramount to pick up my script and the audition would be the next day and that i was to come looking like the role and i didn't know very much about it so i went to para my had you did you come knockin onion chris bury with the very small dogo great i know so i go there and at paramount is what that time it was a little bit difference they still have a gate and they still have a guard in a booth so you go in and you drive up and you say your name and they had you script while he handed me a number of both skinny little flow so i opened it and it only had one page any think what's the men are rat speech you know i know what this come you know you you can't just say a line at grenada remember it still men a rats can you remember bieber on rice and that the fleas on rats worse than that they're a believe is awfully rat rats the only man you can trust is a daddy i say give you the paul well a but i you know you gotta know the context so i happened to notice on this guards little desk that he has fat evola pts to and i asked him do you know if any of these have the whole script and sure enough you opened one he said cisco go pull your car over there and i came in and went under his desk and read the script and it was good because i found out a lot of she was aspiring beautician and you know also found out the result was a big apart but but no no they janos lags hickey upset by no i was i was married it was a girl my motto is if you're gonna be bad but it'd be good these shirts mommy this is ten life lessons as the scummy scummy mummy mummy anyway i and randal kleiser told me that as soon as i open my mouth ahead the roll but they didn't tell me that then i just i'm fact i never even read the lines i think i just talked to them and then came back for dancing audition and then they got several groups of of of pink ladies and tbirds together and just kept narrowing it down until it was the group you see can you remember the first moment you

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