Terrell Owens won't attend Pro Football Hall of Fame induction ceremony


Terrel owens should have been ducked into the hall of fame i don't give a damn what anybody says thank you should have been a first ballot all the fame his numbers with top six like the top six categories he was top three demand was sensational jerry rice randy moss and him top receivers nfl history statistically there is no excuse what tara lomas wasn't inducted into the hall of fame if not the first indefinitely the second ballot and understand this criticism and i get all of that that that's not you know that that that doesn't that doesn't make him look well but he should have been in a hall of fame having said all of that this just continues the narrative against you instead of being recognized for being a hall of famer you're going to be recognized as being the cantankerous individual that so many people wanted to keep out of the hall of fame and that's going to be the narrative associated with you throughout history why do that just because you want to avoid one day of ceremony where no other player in nfl history has ever avoided that ceremony why would you do to yourself i got love for teo i think is a good brother man doesn't lie doesn't even cuss but i got news for you i'm gonna do everything that i can't talk him out of that i'm gonna do everything about power to try to talk him into going to that ceremony i probably won't be successful because he's man thinks himself.

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