G7: Trump isolated over trade and Russia



A frosty reception for us interests at the g seven summit bob costantini reports from quebec evan there was even concerned the president might skip this meeting of the g seven because he wants to focus on the meeting in singapore as he is he may skip out early never before has a us president come to a g seven meeting with so many of the leaders of the other economic powers upset with him for several reasons most recently mr trump impose tariffs on steel and aluminum imports from canada the host country as well as the entire european union trump economic adviser larry cudlow says the president will meet with counterparts from canada and france separately president trump will be meeting with prime minister trudeau and president macron visit canada don't get paid it just so happens that justin trudeau hosted francis emmanuel macron in ottawa thursday the two are expected to present a united front against mr trump over the tariffs as well as abandoning the paris climate in iran nuclear accords president trump as you might expect has not remained silent while allies in canada and france lineup against him you might have throw germany's angela merkel in there to the president tweeting please tell prime minister trudeau and president macron and that they are charging the us massive tariffs in create nonmonetary barriers though he tempered his words in a news conference here in canada francis micron did tweet about a joint statement without the united states quote the american president may not mind being isolated but neither do we mind signing six country agreement if need be and quote that would be in place of the usual sevennation communique that comes out of these meetings and might touch on tariffs iran and climate change evan correspondent bob costantini in quebec well the big summit between north korean dictator kim jong own and president trump is imminent jury bowed lander reports on that evan meeting with japanese prime minister shinzo obey president trump said there's not much that he needs to do ahead of next week's historic meeting can very well prepared i don't think i have to prepare very much it's about attitude it's about willingness to get things done while warning he's ready to walk away if talks don't go well the president said he's expecting just the opposite i believe we're gonna have a terrific success or a modified success president trump said the.

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