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It certainly didn't help things. That's for sure i was. I feel like i had good momentum in that round and then i took that shot. I didn't take a lot of time to recover just because that's how it is when we're in there with a lot of pressure and there's there's the crowd. There's the talking the whole time on into standing on your side of the octagon so there's a lot of things pushing on just continued the match and <hes> i did that and <hes> yeah i'm sure it negatively affected me for sure that that had me to my summit for a little while they're peeing blood out to the shit wasn't good and that above apple yeah yeah no listen. It's it's tough even watching that and lex. I've seen you in the gym of obviously not seen you fight. We know who go. I think we looked at the last fight against jiang's vacuous something to us to exceptionally well and we're the leg kicks <hes> <hes> you've always been particularly go trung kicks spinning attacks. You said to me that you you're away kicker as add some barbosa is now even prove so much in that area game. Do you still think that way. I you feel about kicks kicks one hundred percent. I mean i'm i'm in the gym day in and day out with guys that have been working with duke rufus their entire careers anthony petty sergio pettis gerald moore sharp lawyer muhammad <hes> the list goes on you know jared gordon. These guys are all getting better and better at kicks every single day and guys. You've never even heard of this kid j. p. saint louis. I've been working with a lot for this fight if you've ever seen him fighting r._f._a. Or elephant one of the regional promotions he's he's a brick workhouse this kid he's got a switch kick. That's you know could knock down like god damn tree <hes> getting inside and beating him up is like penetrating and army and that's why i've been sparring with every single day and balazs getting ready for the same below scott fantastic movement like it's more. He moves away as hard to hit. He's allusive so the guys. I'm working with our top tier. I mean it's got his own particular set of skills so that that is unique to itself. His speed is second the n._f._l. Them so even when you have good switch kickers they're not you know. Not many people in the world i think or is quite as fast with that kick as he is but when it comes to lake kicks and pound for pound and meet my bones on my legs when it meets yours yeah i'm. I'm not afraid to go with anybody in this division to be more an you know. We've obviously seen gene yoon..

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