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And women in the military near the right efforts we have freedom saluting america's veterans sancti to all the vets out there we honor you on this veteran's day can't tankan and radio twenty kmox uh uh uh and veteran's day festivities are getting underway in down lewis i'm brian kelly kmox news time is edel for your foreshadows six right now downtown the five k and one mile runs are getting underway the kids dashes set for ten o'clock i believe those runs begin at nine this morning but ten the veteran's day ceremony ten 1030 kneejerk history between thirteen and fourteen the parade itself begins at noon and as streep and street and heads up to union station so had downtown and named veterans today around the veterans memorial which of course is still being renovated in other news this morning some of a fatal pedestrian accident early yesterday morning your warrenton identified gene christopher robin's investigators say robbins was walking on the i seventy service wrote about morning egg vehicle broke down that's when he was hit by a pickup truck trucks drivers says he couldn't see robbins because he was wearing dark clothing it's eight years in prison for a cahokia teenager who admitted shooting two people in last year gdp belleville newsdemocrat reports 17yearold brandon ray pleaded guilty to aggravated battery and unlawful discharge of firearm both of his victims survived neither teenager key is also charged in the case his trial is set for later this month in uh uh the blues host the aisle uh tonight is scott trade center it's a seven o'clock game or pregame is at six thirty last night st louis university illinois all won their college all season openers.

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