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D.C.'s National Theater March 14th through the 26th, get tickets now at Broadway at the national dot com. Dave dildy WTO traffic. You ought to know about the weekend weather. We've got my staniford standing by for that weekend forecast, some change here. Yes, winter has come back, at least for a couple of days. Skies have cleared across much of the area, so we're seeing a real nice sunset. But over the next several hours the cloud cover will return, it'll be a colder night. Let us be in the mid to upper 20 suburbs, lower 30s to the district. That's pretty much where we should be for this time of year. It could be a cloudy and a cold day tomorrow as a disturbance comes through, chances some light snow sleet and ray. Little or no accumulation. Temperatures are going to be about freezing and the ground is warm, so no travel issues or highs mid 30s to lower 40s. It'll be better on Sunday. We'll turn partly sunny breezy and warmer, highs mid upper 50s, then a chilly rain moves in on Monday, highs upper 40s to lower 50s. Temperatures for you right now, college park 49 warrant in 51 and Sean and Hillary. We have a temperature of 50 orega national. Alrighty, thank you so much, Mike, and the most important thing, it's still light outside at 5 50 in the evening. Use time, 5 50. And we want to let you know that Mike's forecast is brought to you by Dallas glass for all your glass mirror and shower door needs visit Dallas glass dot com. Love your glass up ahead. A 1970s earworm had its roots here in our area. I'm Neil all I can still save big during court furniture outlets, presidents day, sale event. Are you looking to brighten up your home or make your workplace more comfortable? Maybe furnish a vacation home. Don't pay high retail prices. Court prices

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