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Say. Are reacting to the death of US Congressman Ron Right of Arlington. Congressmen run right, died this week at the age of 67 after battling cancer, and Kobe 19 family spokesman Matt Langston says the congressman never gave up even he just shortly before his passing. He was laughing and talking with with his wife, Susan. Governor Rabbit calling Congressman right of principled Leader for Texas values Senator John Cornyn, praising rights ability to keep community first. And the Texas Democratic Party, calling the Republican congressman a beloved leader plate. Nevil K. L I. F NEWS, Texas receiving over 400,000 doses of the cove in 19 vaccine from the federal government this week, Chris Van Dusen with the Texas Department of State Health Services, says the CDC will ship those doses to 358 providers across Texas. He says. They're encouraging providers to make accommodations for people 75 older, so it's not a change in our eligibility. But we just want those providers out there to make sure they have a way to focus and accommodates individuals who were 75 older, so that that we can make vaccinating them as easy and simple as possible and do seances. Texas will get more vaccines every week and reminds those not in the first phase to stay patient and vigilant. Popular Fort Worth Bar can't serve alcohol for the next 30 days after it did not comply with CDs. See guidelines to Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has suspended the liquor license for Varsity Tavern, a bar in the West seventh District, Chris Porter with the tea, ABC says. Usually they issue warnings first. For the case like this, they have to go right ahead with an emergency order. You know, we understand that a lot of businesses are facing some extreme challenges right now and when possible. We do want to work with them so they can maintain operations while still keeping their customers safe, he says. During an inspection, the bar was well over capacity and people weren't wearing masks. Capt. Bowen's ire. Kale. I have news, the Republican Accountability Project, spending a half a million dollars on an ad campaign that urges 22 Republican senators, including John Cornyn to convict former President Trump in this week's impeachment trial. Texas native Olivia Troy is the director of the group. And she says it's made up of Republicans. We are Republicans. We care about what has happened to the Republican Party and we will not stand by while these more extreme factions overtake Yes. Sorry, accuses the former president of inciting the U. S. Capitol breach by touting claims of election fraud. Trump has denounced all violence at the Capitol Firefighters battled a fatal blaze at the Southwest Fort Worth apartment complex. Last night. The complex was in the 6400 block of Wildwood Circle North It was cold in around seven last night. Flames are visible on all three fours of the apartment building. When the fire Department got there. The fire was brought under control around 8 15. The Fort Worth Far Department confirmed One person had died in the fire. But the identity of the victim and the cause of fire has not yet been released. Mickey Briggs, Kayla If news 709. Let's get a business update Now from network Radio Spencer a gallon Morning Spencer. Good Morning, Amy, one of the big stories Bitcoin Spike to 45,400 this morning that rally fueled by Elon Musk, saying that he had bought a billion and a half the Dow down 69 points. That's 31,200 at the opening. J. P. Morgan declared yesterday and oil super cycle through 2023 as recovering demand will overwhelm supply. West Texas Intermediate crude starts the day at 58. I'm Spencer McGowan, president. My gallant group Net worth radio dot com. Alright, So how's this impeachment trial? Gonna work this time? What are they gonna do? Well, they're going to have They're gonna have witnesses. Are they gonna just hammer and you know, do a big big dog and pony show. We'll tell you more what to expect when it all gets under way today, But about noon. I think, Gail, I have news time 7 10. Texans have shown.

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