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Upon rating the letter Dominic Cold Julie's mother. Lynn Dodd to rush Daiva to rate it for herself. She noticed that despite being pending Julie's handwriting, some of the woods and freising didn't Santa luck daughter at all. More IVA lean couldn't understand why Julie would be abducted and held for ransom. Has Family had little money? Lynn immediately called the police to report her daughter missing and gave them the lead off. Police began looking into JULIE'S LAV Born on March one, nineteen, seventy three, Julie Anne Dodd, was the first chart of Lin and Alec Hill who went on to have a son named poll two years later. When Julie was four years old. Alex left his young family and in Nineteen, seventy, eight Lynn remarried and electrician named a and dot. The Julianne poll what close to their stepfather? Calling Him Dad and adopting he surname? Lin and day in separated when Julie was sixteen years old, but a in maintained a relationship with these stepchildren. Although Julie was brought. She wasn't a dedicated student and instead preferred to focus on her athletic abilities. A talented Rana. She participated in school and county competitions, accumulating a number of trophies, which her mother proudly displayed in the family In her spare Don Julie locked, socializing dancing and performing Karaoke with her friends. While she was still at school. She go to Tom Job at a cafe, which was wish she met Dominique a CO worker, who was two years her senior. They dated for three years, and when Julie was just seventeen, they became engaged. Julie moved out of her family home to live with Dominique in his flat which mother Lynn didn't approve of. Julie had confided in her younger brother poll that Shea and Dominique often argued and today's altercations sometimes became violent. By the end of nineteen ninety, the relationship ended and Julie returned time. She and her mother had always been particularly close, but they both had strong personalities and living together time resulted in clashes and disagreements. Julie for the day when she could live independently and start a career. Longtime Drain was the become a physical training instructor Fabiani. She had always been fit and healthy, though she was claustrophobic and suffered from mild Asmara's a child. In December of Nineteen Ninety, she visited the army recruiting office in late to apply for a Rall as driver in the women's Royal Army Corps. After several months her application was accepted under the condition that she said a final selection examination. Friday June. Seven nineteen ninety-one one week before she was due to take the exam a forty one year, old man named to Michael, Wall Talk Cold The army recruiting office. Hey had befriended Julie several years earlier when she was employed at the cafe and had eventually offered reports on job as a on. Michael was calling to notify the office that Julie had recently stolen two of his bank cards and used them to withdraw six hundred and sixty pounds. She had since signed a liability foam, agreeing to repay the money to the bank, but Michael was worried that if she joined the army before settling the debt, the money might never be repaid. The recruitment office who took the coal was concerned as it was essential that all new recruits with free from financial liability. When questioned by the officer Julie denied owing any money, and proceeded to excel at her fawn Alexan-. She was subsequently accepted for the army's September intake. Markle Walter repeated. He's concerns that if Julie didn't settle her debt, the bank would initiate criminal proceedings. Julie continued to deny of taking the money the degrade to pay the bank what was owed to enable her to join the Armed Forces by September? However on Thursday July four. The recruitment officer went to Julie's school to confirm her fawn all grades and discovered that she had forged her academic records. This resulted in Julie's application being rejected. The recruitment office has sent her a letter, explaining the situation that same day, but it is unknown. Whether Julie Ever received it. Lynn told the police that there had been nothing happening in Julie's loft that had given her any course concern. She said that about a month prior Julie had started experimenting with her physical appearance, but trying out different makeup stalls and coloring her hair. However, she had thought it back to its Natural Cala when her grandmother didn't approve. Julie had told her mother that she had recently started a notch shift job sterilizing syringes at a laboratory and had been spending knots at the home of an old friend. Police questioned this friend who revealed she hadn't seen Julie in four months. It soon became clear that Julie and Dominique had reconciled their relationship, but had been keeping it a secret from Julie's family. Domini call and divided. He's gone between the homes of East. Two sisters and two Julie, had occasionally been staying with him. While telling her mother, she was with a friend. While Lynn believed Julie, had a job sterilizing syringes at a laboratory dominique was under the impression. She worked as an orderly at a hospital. The police in quiet with both workplaces,.

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