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Ten eighty KRLD a grisly scene discovered at a home in fort bend county sheriff's deputies conducting a welfare check around for nineteen AM Sunday morning the caller telling deputies there was concern a man was suicidal and might harm his family well the thirties arrived at a home in the ninety two hundred block of Sebastian drive no one there to the front door sheriff Troy Nehls says deputies walked to the rear of the home and looking through a window so to people who appear to be dead in the kitchen area after forcing their way and they discovered the bodies of forty eight year old Ryan brown his wife forty nine year old and that brown their two sons sixteen year old salmon thirteen year old Hades at their two dogs investigators believe Ryan brown killed his wife sons their dogs before turning the gun on himself the corona virus outbreak forcing the cancellation of Austin's annual south by southwest your team in a tech festival which was scheduled for March thirteenth two twenty second while several high profile businesses like apple Amazon Netflix CNN HBO Netflix dropped out and capable of weathering the financial loss for artists like singer songwriter Abraham Alexander of Dallas more than money was lost hope was was was lost because of this however Alexander says he completely understands making sure that everyone's healthy and you know that it's contained in taking care of that's that's number one priority and completely understand why Austin took that stance this would have been Alexander's fourth straight appearance at south by southwest everything you need to know about corona virus and the impact on Texas that's the focus of this week's Caro the in depth podcast download it wherever you get your podcasts or you can go to K. R. O. D. dot com and click on the podcast page no time for care of the traffic and weather together in the Tennessee traffic center his Michele McCormack in the cedar hill area northbound sixty seven at cedar hill a very serious accident investigation has the freeway shut down traffic is forced to exit at Shiloh road to get around the incident in Plano debris is affecting the Dallas north tollway southbound at spring creek parkway inspecting the right lane Michelle McConnell on your twenty four hour traffic leader the show thanks the weather service forecast says a forty percent chance of rain coverage tonight low around fifty eight fifty percent of us could see some rain on Monday before two PM cloudy look for highs around seventy five gusting winds to miles twenty five miles an hour Monday night partly cloudy a low of fifty six and then Tuesday a bit of a respite from the rain partly sunny seventy nine then Tuesday night rain returns twenty percent coverage a low of around sixty three Wednesday he covers a twenty percent high of seventy nine right now we've got mostly cloudy skies and it's sixty seven she's America's digital goddess the Kim commando so is next on news radio ten eighty KRLD Hey this is Jay Farner CEO of quicken loans quicken loans is celebrating our best quarter ever and now we're celebrating some.

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