Patrick Kane, Coach Gerard Bednarz, Jonathan Tapes discussed on Saturday Night Special with Amy Guth


Shortly after eighty eight talked about that after practice yesterday came word that we were we brought up before Avs. Coach Gerard Bednarz decide to split the trail of Landis guy off that line Matto elevated land. Instead, we'll stay with her foot and JT comparable. Impressive local kid from the Chicago area. But Troy you just have to think bed Bednarz losing little patients. We mentioned three straight losses. Three seven one in the last eleven and even though they're six in the league in goals per game. They've scored nine over the past five he's looking obviously for another button to push to reignite his team. Well, if you look at what you know. Joel Quenneville is done over the past taking away. Patrick Kane from Jonathan tapes, splitting them up giving them a little bit more balanced. I think teams now realize it. And again, we talked about it in our keys to the game. Last time we were in here. Shut down that line. You give yourself a real good opportunity to win the game. Mckenna did have eight shots in that game. As you heard Patrick Kane talk about so there was some brief goaltending involved in shutting down that line. But I think what was talking about this morning is taking those guys a little bit out of their comfort zone and giving them an opportunity to give a little bit more balance on their top two lines. And he says for Kerr foot and comfort an opportunity for them to play with a world class player like Landis. Those two guys are excited to have that type of player on their line. Just as it is you have a Patrick Kane or Jonathan tapes on your line there's excitement there and giving them a little bit more balanced rather than just a one lane type of team that.

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