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Okay. I was being coy. You said stage very nicely, okay? So if your body It's will say some bad bacteria gets in it. Yeah, and your body is alerted warning intruder is coming. Your immune system kicks into gear. And starts producing this biochemical material called PIRA Jin OK. This is My new favorite thing. The body does. Oh, yeah, yeah. You knew that before, Right? Or did you just not know the mechanism? I mean, I knew humans get fevers. And I knew the fever was kind of like, cook out everything. I didn't understand the mechanisms things. Your quest will take this part then. Oh, you can sew these pirate Jin's right. They are, um these biochemical markers that are released by the immune system in the body or and this is why I love this. There's some bacteria, some pathogens that make human sick that produce Pirate Jin's naturally, so when they show up, they just start releasing. I mean, and they just give themselves away. It's their big dummies in that way, right there like Hey, where's the party? They kick open the door carrying like a pony keg under one arm. Yeah, their guts sticking out is just that's that's like that kind of bacteria, right? So the pirate Jin's enter the bloodstream. They traveled to the hypothalamus, because, remember, the hypothalamus controls your your body temperature. And this is what they do. Chuck. Are you ready for what? The Pirate Jin's do? Yes. They Go to your hypothalamus, and they Dampen the heat sensing neurons in the hypothalamus, and they excite the cold sensing neurons in your hypothalamus, and they trick your hypothalamus into thinking your body suddenly gotten very, very cold so that your hypothalamus turns the temperature up and says, Don't let any of this heat out. We gotta we gotta warm back up. It tricks, your body, your hypothalamus and creating a fever. That's right. And they do this because well, they don't do this because, but What happens from there? Do this because you're dumb, But what happens from there is like he said. The fever what a fever is and why you want that fever for at least a little while that it does. It's it's trying to cook and burn. Bake that bacteria until it dies, right? It is your body's fighting. Like when you hear, you know, like your fever broke. It's usually a good sign. That means that your fever did its job and it's cooked all that bacteria up and you're going to be on the mend soon. Yeah, Eso. Basically, that's what's happening. And this is the great thing about a fever. But You know, fever makes you feel like crap because it's a lot of Hard work to kill all those things. Well, it is. There's a lot of your sympathetic nervous system has kicked into high gear, which I found out is one reason why they say you want to feed a cold, starve a fever. Because you don't want to introduce digestion because it requires the parasympathetic nervous system, Right? Right fight or flight And you don't want those two things going on. While your body has a fever. It's just a lot of extra work for it right. But one of the one of the things that is going on when your body has a fever. When that temperature rises, it's hard enough on your organs. But it's also hard on the level, just the fact that they're operating outside of the normal operating temperature, and that makes it very hard on them and can actually cook some of the ingredients inside yourselves. Yeah, I mean, it's like working in a Two hot oven environment. Just never fun for anyone, right? Although I guess some people love that stuff. Yeah, but they're still they might like it, but they still aren't working fast. Yeah, that's true. You know, they might be happy, but they're slow. Eso. If you have a fever, what's considered a fever now? 2017. If you're an adult, and you're aural temperatures above 100.4 Or if your rectal Or air temperatures above 101 and that's considered a fever of your kid. Good luck getting anything besides the rectal temperature because it's just tough. You have basically no right. Well, whichever's wiggly kids who aren't like, sure. Stick something in my ear for for a second. Yeah. But the kazoo there's not really anything to do about that. All they can do is say Glaber and, yeah, exactly. So the rectal temperature for a kid above 100.4 and with adults like you don't have to. Really Worry about your fever to much if it stops 105. For you know any period time. You probably want to do something about that. That's what I saw was 105 F. Mark was about where you should start to worry as an adult, and you're going to feel so awful if your temperature is one of five. You've probably already been to a doctor. At that point. Let's hope so for kids is different than if you don't want to let your child get upto 105 That's bad, bad, bad. So what is it for kids that you really want to start worrying about is you say, you know what? I'm not exactly sure. I mean, it probably depends on whether you're a first time parent or this is your second Well, and it varies with the age. You know, it's like 0 to 18 months. That's something I guess you like. What you should do is so that your doctor? Yeah, exactly. But you know any kind of temperature you should for a child. You should kind of be a little more alert about Right, But we're not medical experts here. Nowhere now and everything we're saying assumes that you have healthcare coverage. That's right. Um Right. So that's fever in general, you got anything else on that? Yeah, One other thing. Thea Ah, The pirate Jin's, um Cairo. By the way, it's no mistake, man. I did have some coincidence. No, it's not. What is the Latin for Fire? Greek word for fire? Yeah,.

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